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5 Ways to Cut Down on Alcohol



This post will probably make anybody who went to university with me snigger. I had a voracious appetite for drunken silliness back then, and an alarming capacity for downing dirty pints. And for the next 10 years, my social life basically revolved around getting squiffy.

But even though it’s common and socially acceptable to drink alcohol on a regular basis, let’s not forget that alcohol is a drug, and a neurotoxin.

Now, it has to be said that I’m still not squeaky clean on the booze front, but I’ve definitely edged alcohol out of its position as number one social crutch. I’ll have an occasional drink, but my body tends to urge me to stop after one small glass. I feel so much better for it, and love the fact that I never suffer from the woes of the morning after anymore.

How did this happen? Surprisingly easily actually. Below, I share the things I did to gently veer my life trajectory away from ‘future alcoholic’.

So, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I find it hard to relax in the evening without my glass of wine?
  • Has my alcohol consumption crept up over the years without me noticing?
  • Do I feel socially inept without a drink?

If you’ve answered yes to one or more of these questions, and you want to make a change, try implementing one of the following tips for a week and notice how you can gently, and easily, effect positive change in your habits:

1. Clean Up

Eating clean helps on so many levels. I’ve found that when food is light, fresh, crunchy and satisfying, the tummy generally says ‘no thanks’ to alcohol. Try cutting out the hefty stuff like bread, pizza, cookies, brioche, etc. and eat as many veggies as humanly possible. Alcohol cravings can be the result of a nutritional lack somewhere in your diet. And once you reset your palate with fresh, organic foods and a lot of greens, your acquired taste for alcohol might well start to undo itself.

Eating clean will also boost your mood and even your confidence, so you won’t need alcohol to feel lively at parties, be silly with friends, and enjoy chatting with strangers.



2. Exercise

Exercise, like clean eating, is a powerful mood booster that will naturally get those happy hormones flowing and release stress.

Also, when you’ve taken the time and effort to exercise, you’ll probably be more resistant to alcohol because you’ll be loath to undo all your hard work.

And why not try nudging some of your social occasions out of the pub and into the park?

3. Raise Your Standards

I still drink, on occasion, but only the good stuff. These days my body rejects any low-quality wines outright – we’re talking acid reflux from the first sip, instant headaches and a fizzing mouth. So I know it’s really not worth my while to lower the bar.

Once your tastebuds have evolved beyond basic plonk, it’ll be easier to drink less, because 90% of what’s on offer at house parties and bars is, umm, basic plonk. So you’ll go for a sparkling water instead. And wake up the next morning feeling zingy and alive, rather than grotty and jaundiced.


4. Drink Kombucha

Kombucha rules on so many levels. It’s great for your digestive flora, is very low in sugar and calories, and you can even make it at home (and then you can brag about the fact that you own a scoby).

But the main point of including kombucha in this post is that it is a wonderful replacement for those apéritif bubbles, because it’s… bubblaay!

Do try a few different brands before you reject it as tasting like sock juice. Sometimes you have to shop around. I have a penchant for Karma Kombucha (especially their green tea one).

5. Replace

Often, the desire for that evening glass of white is simply a reaction to what your mind, body and soul have gone through during the day. Perhaps you’re overloaded with stress, maybe you’re physically and emotionally exhausted, or it could be that you just want to celebrate the end of a long day. And quite rightly. But responding systematically to those triggers with a neurotoxin could spell disaster for your health and your relationships in the long run.

Think about how you could replace that treat with something else. A delicious mug of hot chocolate with almond milk? A bath? A walk? A home spa treatment?

A treat can also be a health boost!

Lettuce know how you get on, and please share any tips you might have on re*juice*ing alcohol consumption in the comments below!

Love, kombucha, and greens,

p.s. Try this non-alcoholic cocktail on for size!

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