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{ Paris Vlog } Eco-Veggie Gourmet Haven: Abattoir Végétal



Another beauteous Veggie Magnifique-friendly spot has opened up in Paris – huzzah! Soon there’ll quite literally be one on every street corner.

Ok, so we’re not super keen on the name, which gives us the shivers.

But we’re full on in love with everything else this shiny new hangout has to offer (and we’ll just call it the ‘Ab. Vegetal’ from now on).


Gourmet Vegan Fare North of Barbès

The Ab. Végétal is many of our favourite things in one healthful spot – veggie/vegan, eco-friendly, cosy, and stays open all afternoon (woot!).

Apparently this is exactly what north Montmartre has been crying out for, judging by the crowds we were greeted with on our weekday lunch visit.

And, oh my, the food is divine. Especially the puddings – I’m still dreaming of Ann’s ganache-y hunk of a meal-closer.

Ann ready to dig in with her essential piece of dessert kit: the big spoon


Every element of the dishes are well balanced, light and health-giving, with exotic seasonings that surprise and delight the palate.

The delightful aubergine caviar entrée

Café With a Mission

The owners, Ava and Bastien, are on a mission to create delicious, healthy fare that’s eco-friendly en plus. As such, they source their produce super locally, most coming from within Paris itself. There’s even a nifty map on the menu that shows you where all the different products come from.

Ava and Bastien are a warm and friendly team, and make you feel welcome to stay the whole afternoon. Which we did. Well, someone had to test their healthful hot drinks menu…

Verdict: best matcha latte in town (and we’ve tried a few).


Vlog: Our Magnifique Visit to Abattoir Végétal

Check out our discovery of Ab. Végétal.

Mind you don’t drool on your keyboard when the desserts come out ?.

*Thanks beautiful Tiffany for filming us – and for your ever-charming company!*


We hope you pay a visit to the Ab. Végétal soon. We just know you’re going to fall in love, especially with that divine succulent – yuuuuum!

Address & Infos

61 rue Ramey
Paris, 75018

Tel: 01 42 57 60 62

Tuesday: 9am to 6pm
Wednesday: 9am to 6pm
Thursday: 9am to 11.45pm
Friday: 9am to 11.45pm
Saturday: 10am to 11.45pm
Sunday: 11am to 6pm

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