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Sometimes I freak-out.

Life as an eco-conscious vegan can be…


Not only is there just a mess of animal products in almost every “eating” establishment here in Paris, but also, I can’t just “go shoe shopping” because…

All dem shoes are made of cow.

Or made of toxic plastic in Bangladesh by other women-humans like myself, but with utterly miserable lives. (Speaking of… have you read our post on conscious consumption?)

So, sometimes this is me:

(Well, it’s not me, but you gif what I’m saying.)

And so, inevitably, there are times when I find myself sulking, growling… stomping around.

I can’t just buy some shoes like a normal person! Gahhhhh!
I can’t go out to eat like a normal person! Grrrrrr!

During these minor breakdowns, my amoureux reminds me ever-so-calmly that doing things the “right way” takes time, and that I don’t want to be a normal person anyway.

(Always the voice of calm and reason.)

Fitting Out

One memorable aspect of my nutrition studies was this concept of “fitting out.” It’s exactly like what it sounds like — the anti fitting in, the exercise of non-conformity. Because when we choose to be true to our souls — to not try to fit in — everyone wins. (Including the planet.)

But, as with so many things, it’s a process. One choice at a time.

And, yes, choosing to make wiser, kinder decisions can be difficult and fricken vexatious at times…

E.g. there are fewer restaurants one can (and wants to) frequent, and one has to do one’s eco-vegan-shopping mostly online, which, as we know, can be a challenge size-wise and price-wise…

So you might stomp and sulk a bit in this process, too, but…

It’s worth it. Hang in there. Fit out.

August Favorites

Here at Veggie Magnifique, we sincerely hope that we can help you in your quest to eat more kindly and deliciously, and support more ethical brands and products. (And maybe reduce any freak-outs you may have?)

So, today’s video is filled with loads of recommendations for you — a spectacular documentary, vegan biker boots, how and why to become a vagabond, smell like roses, and eat BBQ hipster food…. and, plus, I practically make love to my new handbag.

 ?? Remember les frenchies, il y a des sous-titres si vous cliquez sur le petit CC à droite.


(Click here to visit our YouTube channel. We got our first “troll” comment which means that we’re officially legit YouTubers! ?)


Here’s to fitting out, readers. Here’s to taking the high road — the one less traveled… as challenging as it may be.

It certainly feels a lot better.

P.S. Fellow expat Parisienne Jessie Kanelos Weiner’s watercolor comic, 8 Reasons You Know You’ve Been in France Far Too Long, is hilarious. And, we couldn’t agree more.

P.S.S. Team rose or team lavender? Let us know in the comments.


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