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In a beautifully poetic and scientific article by Dr. Kelly Brogan, home birth is described as the opportunity of a lifetime. I couldn’t agree more.

I am grateful to have received precious wisdom about home birth from women (🙏Hayley and Carol🙏) who had experienced it before me. This helped me immensely, to feel at ease about natural birth, to maintain trust in my body, and to feel even more resolute in my decision to give birth at home. My sincere hope is that this video, and the other videos I’ve made about natural birth, will provide similar reassurance for other pregnant women.

Six months on, I still cherish the memory of labour. And baby Magnifique is doing amazingly. His immunity is rock-solid (he hasn’t suffered so much as a sniffle), and is a super laid back and cheery little boy. I put this down to the relaxed, trauma-free birth he had, in the absolute comfort and peace of our home.


Video: Home Birth vs. Hospital Birth – the Facts

This video is in French. For anyone wishing to practise their comprehension of the language of lurve, here’s a great opportunity.

For everyone else, you can simply turn on the subtitles, by clicking ‘CC’.

I hope you enjoy this video. Like I said, natural birth is an opportunity to take back control of our bodies, and discover the groovy depths of our psychological, physical and spiritual strength.


Lots of love from me + baby Magnifique,

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