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{ Giving Back } Indian Detox Workshop

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Hip shaking. Spinning mudras. Head wobbling. We’ve got it down.

Ever since we started planning for our Indian Spice Detox workshop (held on March 19th at MyKitch’n) both Chloe and I have been incessantly grooving to Bollywood beats. We even prepared a choreography for the workshop…. and everyone joined in.

(Thanks, guys.)


(The lighting in the restaurant is pink… FYI.)

My current head-wobbling fave? The gem below. It’s all kinds of campy and ridiculously absurd. (Major kudos if you actually make it all the way through, though if you don’t, I don’t blame you… there are other more important things.)

I warned you.

Anyway, on a more serious note…

Chloe and I organized this workshop to not only share our detoxifying spice-filled cooking acumen and our wicked dance moves, but also, and above all, to support one of our fave organizations, Haiti: Hands On (HHO).

We have chosen HHO as one of our charitable beneficiaries because we know that a) Haiti needs our help, b) the funds go directly to the building of a school (as you probably know, there’s a lot of corruption in the giving/charity world, so this is of phenomenal importance), and c) it’s a project being carried out by two amazing and bodacious high school students from Abu Dhabi. (Really.) These incredible young women are already working to make the world and better place, and we couldn’t be happier to support their efforts.


As I mentioned, HHO is currently in the process of building an elementary school in Terre Froide, Haiti. Below are some photos taken less than a month ago. So much progress has been made since they broke ground in August 2015!


Whether you joined us at the workshop, or you join us in supporting Haiti: Hands On, know that we are truly grateful. The truth is, every little bit counts, so we shall continue to do ours.

To all of our workshop participants, thank you so much for your enthusiasm and tolerance for our (frequent) dance breaks.

Until next time, namasté in touch,


P.S. To learn more about Haiti: Hands On, please visit their YouTube channel and Facebook page. Feeling generous? You can donate here.

P.S.S. Want to cook up our recipes we shared at the workshop? Here’s our spicy dhal, detox smoothie, and golden milk. Mmm!

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