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It has come to my attention that I may be a bit of a hipster.

(Terrifying, I know.)

But look at the facts: I wear high waisted pants. I have a favorite plaid shirt. I’m vegan, drink golden milk, and… my life partner has a beard. 

How did it come to this? How can I de-hipsterize?

Like, I used to be just… weird.

Ask my roommates from back in my LA days. I was totally teased for drinking spirulina concoctions, liking 40s music, and my massive organic loose leaf tea collection… now these things are “cool.”

However, denying you’re a hipster is a sure sign that you must be one. So I’ll stop.

Think what you will…

*rolls down jean cuffs sheepishly*


Springtime in Paris

In other news (entirely unrelated) — Spring has sprung in Paris!

paris buildings cherry blossoms
spring paris flowers park

But let’s get down to business…

March Favorites

In today’s March Favorites video, I talk about fascinating concepts such as: pants, zero-waste, “cheese,” and why Ecomil might be the Rosetta Stone of vegan foods…


Have you read The Big Leap? Have you tried vegan cheese? As always, we’re always thrilled to hear back from you. Leave us a comment below, and make our day.

Here’s to spring blossoming,

P.S. Starting tomorrow, you know what I’m going to be singing nonstop…. this.

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