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{ Minimalism } The 5 Baby Items You’ll Actually Use



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When you announce you’re pregnant, along with congratulations, you may receive ‘the list’, a scarily long document detailing everything a new parent must own.

And if you’re anything like me, it’ll send you into a tailspin of overwhelm. I mean, you’re only just getting your head around the fact that you’re growing a human inside your body.

But hold tight.

After tailspinning I ‘filed’ the list, and promptly got back to doing nothing. I suggest you do the same.

The thing is, before your baby arrives, you really don’t know what’s essential, and what’s superfluous (hint: there’s a whole lot of superfluous).

You’ll find that lovely friends and relations in the know will gift/hand-me-down everything you’ll actually need for your new arrival.

So you realise an essential item is missing when your baby arrives? Nothing a quick Amazon click can’t solve.

My take on this whole baby-making lark is that it has been majorly overcomplicated. Test my theory that you actually only need five things for bubba – and get back to me!

Video: The Five Baby Items You’ll Actually Use

Friends and family asking for a baby wish list?

Send them this video, and then sit back and enjoy your pregnancy, safe in the knowledge that you already have everything your baby needs anyway – milk, and love.


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