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I’ve done a lot of things for my health over the years. Juice fasts, raw food diets, even marathon running. But following a health coaching programme is hands down the best thing I’ve ever done to boost my life and wellbeing.

I have never been slimmer, stronger, or more flexible. This level of health feels so darn good, I want to hug it. Or maybe I should be hugging my health coach, Arnold de Souza?


Learning to be Vulnerable through Health Coaching

It’s not just about the weight loss and energy gain though.

This has also been a personal journey towards embracing vulnerability. I’ve spent my whole life squirming at my imperfections, and trying to cover them up. Which of course, kept me stuck. Can you relate?

I’ve learnt that change can only happen when we get vulnerable enough to look at where we are, head on. And then, as if by magic, we can suddenly relax and breathe. The lights go on, and that shame monster hiding behind the curtains turns out to be just a pile of (self-help) books.


SOS, Health Coach!

Yesterday, as I was on my way to work, I became consumed with thoughts of cake. (I am a recovering sugar addict.) I was even considering making a massive detour to that new vegan cake shop, which would have made me at least 45 minutes late for work.

That’s what addictions do. They take control of you, and turn you into a responsibility-shirking, dimmed-down version of yourself. Your self-esteem takes a knock, as you get used to not showing up fully, and making up lies as to why you’re late, and why there are cake crumbs down your top.

But yesterday, I sent Arnold an SOS in the form of a text message. He called me right back with instructions: drink some water. Eat some fruit. Get outside. But most of all, he reminded me, through his easy acceptance of this urge to jump off the wagon head first into a three-tier cake, that cravings are okay. They’re normal, even. I’m not bad and wrong for suddenly wanting to ‘sabotage’ my health goals, and what’s more, there’s probably a physiological reason behind it all.

Thanks to the safe space Arnold has created for me through this coaching programme, I have got used to examining, and even sharing, my challenges without squirming – and this has revolutionised my life.


Video: How to Lose Weight and Boost Your Energy With a Health Coach

Let me me introduce you to my health coach, Arnold de Souza. Arnold is patient, kind, instinctive, super knowledgable and fun to work with. He’s just… the best!

Interview filmed by the fabulous David Desgardin.


Now you’ve had an insight into health coaching, I invite you to reflect on the following question:

If 80% of my health choices were positive as of today, what would my life look like in six months?

If you like what you see, then I encourage you to contact Arnold for a free consultation.

*Mention ‘Veggie Magnifique’ when booking with Arnold for a 10% discount*


Vive vulnerability,

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2 thoughts on “Plant-Based Health Coaching – Losing Weight & Gaining Energy

  1. June Dunn says:

    I really must eat more greens. Lost our veggie plot temporarily due to house move and so I’m missing our home grown organic greens. So – out and about to find organic greens.

    1. Chloe says:

      I’m sure your new nest will have a perfectly-sized little garden for a veggie plot 😍 xxx

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