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{ Video } Baby Magnifique: My Pregnancy Diet + Gender Reveal



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Here’s our very first pregnancy-related video, for all you curious readers and fellow mums-to-be!

I’m now 23 weeks into my pregnancy, and it’s been an extremely positive and expansive experience so far.


I’m sure fellow mums out there will agree that pregnancy is a rich process of discovery. There are so many new health questions to wonder about, for starters. But I’ve personally been taking a very relaxed approach to it all – after all, one of the most important things for baby’s health is to have a calm environment in which to grow. What’s more, I’m confident that my whole food, plant-based diet is providing everything that this tiny person needs.

And in case I needed confirmation, the feedback from my ultrasound this week was ultra-positive. I’m happy to say that I’m growing a big and healthy baby, perfect in every way!


Questions for the Vegan Mumma

Thank you, lovely readers, for all of your positive comments about the pregnancy – and also for your excellent questions.

In today’s video, I’ve chosen to answer the three questions which are the most relevant to where I am in my pregnancy. These questions come from Tara:

  1. Has your pregnancy been easy so far?
  2. What prenatal vitamins are you taking?
  3. Have you changed your diet at all?

My answer to question three might well surprise you!


Pregnancy Q&A Video – Plus Gender Reveal

Tune in to this week’s video to find out all about how to grow a vegan baby… girl, boy?

I hope you find this video useful – let us know what you think in the comments below!


If you have any other questions about pregnancy, don’t forget to tag us on Twitter with #BabyMagnifique. I’ll be filming updates on my pregnancy, and continuing to answer questions on the blog, so don’t hesitate!

I’m delighted to share my positive experiences with my plant-based pregnancy, and thrilled to help debunk some of those outdated ideas about the vegan diet, too.


Love from me and mini-me,

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5 thoughts on “Baby Magnifique: My Pregnancy Diet + Gender Reveal

  1. June Dunn says:

    How’s Victor?

    1. Chloe says:

      He survived! It’s lucky he’s very resilient. I hope baby will be, too! xxx

    2. Ann says:

      Haha! He’s hanging out in her kitchen, above the oven. Waiting for cookies. 🙂

  2. Silvia Lowe says:

    Great video! I’m totally going to try bicarbonate of sofa for heartburn and I’m not even pregnant. Keep ’em coming, VM 🙂 xxxx ps I hope Victor survived….

    1. Chloe says:

      Ahh brilliant – yes it’s a total lifesaver. Another (slightly odd) trick is to munch on hazelnuts and dry oats – it works really well! Love xxx

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