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You know that feeling in the pit of your stomach when the weather turns cold?

That… Did I reeeeeally wish for this during the summer months? It’s freeeezing! feeling?  Like, what was I thinking looking forward to wearing sweaters and scarves… Yeah. That gibberish has all been silenced. Utter nonsense. I wish it were 80° F still.

Granted, it’s only October, and it’s only 59°F, but it’s easy to forget how cold it gets in Paris. And the truth is, I attempt to embrace the cold because I live in (and love) Paris. But if I had my druthers, I’d live in Paris with LA weather. Naw’mean?

All that to say — September was pretty balmy. Warm breezes, banana nice cream in the mornin’ for brekkie, skirts and light cardigans… but…

Hello, October.

Now it’s getting real. It’s time for porridge in the morning, lest you have the chills all day. It’s time for gloves and bloody beanie hats. *sigh* The beauty of seasons. (Right? Embrace the cold, embrace the cold, Ann…)

Anyway, here are all my favorites from that balmy month of September.

(Thanks to everyone who participated in our 1-Year-Anniversary of Veggie Magnifique giveaway — the winners are announced in the vid.)


September Favorites + Winners Announced For Our Giveaway!


Oh, and I thought I’d share our favorite Haiku we received for the giveaway:

Green peas like small worlds
Roll off my spoon into mouth.
Can we save our own?
– Barbara S.

Thanks, Barbara! We love peas — and the world — so let’s visualize world peace, and whirled peas.

So what do you think? What are you guys into at the mo’? Would love to hear about what you’re eating/wearing/listening to — leave us a comment below, or on YouTube. We always read ’em.


Happy chilly October! (I mean… I do love scarves…)


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