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You’ve heard it before — your spine is your lifeline.

And chances are you’ve heard of chiropractic… maybe even tried it. But maybe you didn’t stick with it because maybe you didn’t find the right one, or maybe an MD told you it wasn’t important.

Au contraire, mon MD frère.

Chiropractic is all kinds of essential for maintaining and obtaining optimal health, preventing dis-ease in the body, and healing “subluxations.”

My ‘Back’ground

So, yes, the truth is… my dad is a chiropractor.

Does that make me biased?


But you might also say that I’m rather qualified to tell you about a healing technique that I have personally witnessed heal people, and save people’s lives.


We all have our heyday — this was mine. 

I was the little girl in pigtails sitting in on chiropractic seminars, and I learned a few things in the process. Of course, I didn’t know then that I would go on to study holistic nutrition and be a part of the health movement. (I was too busy dreaming of being Ella Fitzgerald… but I digress.)

All this to say, I’m picky when it comes to chiropractors.

So, let’s get crackin’ because it’s time to meet…

Your New Chiropractor

doctor anais Badon chiropractor pregnant

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Dr. Anaïs Badon, D.C., aka your new chiropractor.

A yogi herself, and a believer in the body being a self-healing organism, Dr. Anaïs is not your average chiropractor. She goes above and beyond. She is everything that you would want in someone who works with your body… kind, gentle, thoughtful, and relevant. She takes her time, looks at health holistically, and plus, she’s hip to boot.




Her specialities? Pregnant women, yogis, and children, like this little cutie…


In order for you to get to know Dr. Anaïs, we sat down with her to pose some important Qs. (Her As are italicised.)


Questions with Dr. Anaïs

VM: Dr. Anaïs, please tell our readers, what is chiropractic?

AB: Chiropractic, born in the U.S. in 1895, brings together an art, a science, and a philosophy. It is a manual health profession that consists of detecting, correcting, but also preventing, disturbances in posture and the spine, and its consequences on health via the nervous system. 

The philosophy of chiropractic is based on the principle that the human body is able to maintain its balance of functioning despite external constraints. However, the body can encounter difficulties — which is where a chiropractor comes in.  A chiropractor will identify subluxations (nervous interferences that prevent information from flowing properly) and correct them through adjustments. Through the adjustments, the body receives the necessary stimulation and corrects the problem. Of course the science of chiropractic relies on a high level of expertise.

VM: Why is chiropractic so important for everyone?

AB: Chiropractic is important for everyone because we all have spines and nervous systems! The nervous system is fundamental to the optimal function of our body because it controls all the other systems: digestive, respiratory, hormonal, and immune.

Subluxation in the cervical vertebrae can lead to headaches, neck stiffness, muscle tension in the trapezius, shoulder pain, and tingling in the hands. In the lumbar region, subluxation can cause lumbago, sciatica, difficulty walking, digestion problems, etc.



VM: What to expect on your first chiropractic visit?

AB: At the first meeting, the chiropractor will begin by reviewing the patient’s medical and overall health history (accidents, illnesses, symptoms, lifestyle, etc.), and then perform a postural analysis that will give him or her an idea of the stresses on the spine. A chiropractic analysis allows the chiropractor to assess the mobility of each of the 24 vertebrae and to thus identify the blockages between the nervous system and the organs. Then the chiropractor will establish a personalized treatment plan for the patient, regarding the number of sessions, techniques used, and lifestyle advice.



Her soothing and luminous lobby awaits you…

(Yes, she has Instagram. She’s hip, remember?)


VM: What are the benefits a patient might notice after being adjusted regularly?

AB: Off the bat, a better quality of sleep, less fatigue, better digestion, plus a better ability to concentrate!

Being adjusted regularly maintains the mobility of each vertebrae and thus ensures that the nervous system is free from interference. As a result, the patient feels a heightened state of well-being that goes beyond just the absence of pain.

Life can be turbulent, and we are subjected to different stressors on a daily basis:
– Physical (falls, poor posture and positions)
– Chemical (pollution, poor food, medicines/prescriptions, etc.) 
– Emotional (personal, professional)

All of this can result in subluxations that, if detected early, can prevent big problems from developing later on. Which is why it’s important to start as soon as possible! For example, childbirth is the first trauma to which we are subjected. Checking the tensions of a newborn is paramount in order for the child to get off to a good start in life. Most of our adult problems come from childhood or adolescence.


And our last question…

VM: As you know, Dr. Anaïs, we are all about “holistic health” here at Veggie Magnifique. What is “holistic health” for you?

AB: For me holistic health is really an all-encompassing way of viewing well-being — considering a person as a whole (physically, mentally, and socially.) But holistic health also has to do with food and nutrition, and spirituality/meditation.

Above all, a holistic health approach focuses on preventing illness and maintaining health with the idea that the body has all the elements in it to self heal itself. Chiropractic is totally in line with this vision! An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

VM: Exactly! That’s why we love you chiropractors! Thank you, Dr. Anaïs.


Do you see this polar bear chiropractic table? Is that not the coolest thing ever?


In short, readers, Dr. Anaïs has got your back. 😉

Find her here:

Dr. Anaïs Badon, D.C.
18 rue du Pont Neuf
75001 Paris
06 82 99 00 03

Find Dr. Anaïs on FB and Instagram.

{Mention “Veggie Magnifique” for a free primary consultation and posture analysis.}


To your radiant health,

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P.S.S. Not in Paris? Want to find a good chiropractor? I’ve got connections… I’ll help you find you a good one wherever you are. Email me at hello {a} veggie magnifique.com.

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