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{ LAUNCH } 10 Days to a Powerful Morning Ritual Toolkit




You know that feeling when you see your order coming in a restaurant?

You’re hungry, and you’ve been waiting for what seems like eternity, and then, finally… here it comes in all its delicious glory.

That’s how we feel today, except the dish is for you… and we made it.

After months and months of planning and scheming, and writing and recording, our 10 Days to a Powerful Morning Ritual Toolkit is ready for take off, and we are so elated. We’re absolutely overflowing with eager anticipation to know what you’ll think, and how it will resurrect your mornings, and life.

So without further ado, today’s video is all about this homemade multimedia product, our creation process, plus… a special announcement at the end!

NEW VIDEO: ☀️ 10 Days to a Powerful Morning Ritual Toolkit LAUNCH!

Can you hear the cheers of “Hooray!” beaming from our hearts?

So, to recap, the 10 Days to a Powerful Morning Ritual Toolkit includes:

A 30-page eBook detailing:

  • The big why behind instilling a morning ritual
  • The 7-step Veggie Magnifique morning ritual
  • A deep dive into the neuroscience of habits
  • Lots of inspiration to start creating your morning ritual, as of tomorrow
  • Tailor-made tips for mamas and papas for making parenting + a morning ritual work (written by a mama!)
  • Our go-to breakfast and power potion recipes


A 7-page printable workbook with:

  • Day-by-day checklists. Enjoy ticking off those rituals as you go!
  • A practical application of the habit-stacking technique
  • The ‘Planning Your Day’ printable that we swear by. Hello, turbo-charged productivity!


3 guided meditation mp3s, recorded by Ann & Chloe, to use every day as part of your ritual:

  • The Perfect Day Visualisation meditation – 5 min.
  • The Affirmations for Vibrant Health and Happiness meditation – 7 min.
  • The Total Relaxation Body Scan meditation – 10 min.


We absolutely cannot wait to hear your feedback. (Click here to get yours.) Thank you in advance for supporting our work, and Veggie Magnifique.


To your Magnifique mornings!

{Featured image by the lovely Pauline Darley.}

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2 thoughts on “10 Days to a Powerful Morning Ritual Toolkit

  1. Bibi Jacob says:

    I just bought the Toolkit!!! Very excited to start it next week. Congratulations for your launch!

    1. Chloe says:

      Oh how wonderful! We are thrilled that you bought the kit, and cannot wait to hear what you think of it. Thank you so much for your support Bibi! Chloe & Ann xxx

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