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Late nights. Bountiful brunches. Too many cream puffs from that new vegan pâtisserie. (Have you heard about that one?)


Oh man. We get it.

And we know that sometimes you need to detox that bod’ and get yourself legitimately back on track. So we’ve got you covered — and, don’t worry, it doesn’t involve imbibing copious amounts of cayenne-lemonade or doing sea salt flushes.

Nope. Easier than the master cleanse or purgative herbs — and certainly more delectable — restaurant 5 Lorette is your go-to destination for a quick detox and body revitalization. Combining 100% organic, high vitality, gluten-free and fiber-rich foods with healing herbs and sauces, you’ll be feelin’ fine in no time.

Hello Detox!

Choose from fully raw plates and buddha bowls to veggie burgers and gluten-free pasta dishes. Add in a fresh juice or smoothie, and it’s a veritable phytonutrient party. (What are phytonutrients?) Of course, the desserts are something to write home about, too. Often raw and/or filled with superfoods, 5 Lorette’s desserts are highly allowed, and even encouraged, if you’re seeking to clean out your system. There’s a raw cacao cake, which is just a pat of pure pleasure, and myriad other creations varying depending on the season and Chef Faïcal’s imagination. (See video below.)


And all of it’s pretty.

(That certainly helps with detox, right?)

From the food to the plates to the decor… prepare to be surrounded by beauty. This is surely due to Rina Azria, owner and manager at 5 Lorette.

Rina welcomes her wide range of clientele with open arms and good vibes. Fuelled by a penchant for crunchy, fresh, and cru (raw) foods, she imparts this passion through her attention to detail and to making sure that everything is filled with healthifying ingredients.

But though 5 Lorette is a haven of health, it’s not just frequented by sprout-eating hippies. Rina is thrilled to see more and more blokes and dudes of all kinds crossing the 5 Lorette threshold, looking for some yummy “health food” when they’re feelin’ a bit sluggish, or have been eating too much foie gras or something. Things are changing. And a huge contributor to this (tidal) wave of green and veggery in Paris, is 5 Lorette.

It’s been featured in almost all the major publications of the city, among them: Grazia, Elle, Paulette, Madame Figaro, Le Journal du Dimanche, Vivre Bio, etc.


The Cuisine at 5 Lorette

Behind all this aesthetic high-vitality cuisine, is chef Faïcal Ouertani. (Remember the veggie magic back in the heyday of Pousse Pousse? That was Faïcal.) Well, he’s back delighting Parisian palates better than ever at 5 Lorette with the likes of raw cauliflower-rice avocado sushi rolls, Vietnamese rice paper coconut-topped veggie crepes, and sweet potato chips with cilantro sauce.

Though there are some tried and true faves that stay on the menu (like the notorious quinoa burger), the menu features an always evolving spread of new flavors and seasonal creations — making every visit filled with scrumptious surprises.

paris resto vegan vegetalien healthy

Owner and manager, Rina Azria, and Chef Faïcal and cuisinière Kashia in the kitch!

Come and Take a Load Off

But the thing is…

Though the cuisine at 5 Lorette is worthy of kings and queens, this establishment is anything but snobby. In French we have a word that describes this place to a T —  décontracté. Which means relaxed or laid-back. 5 Lorette is a place you come to to feel good, have a lovely time, and leave feeling satisfied. No stress. No food coma. Just vitality.

So, for you, dear readers, Chloe and I swang by 5 Lorette the other day to give you a lil’ glimpse into the glory of their healthy nosh. (Twist our arms!)

(Anglophones: Make sure you click the “CC” on the bottom right of the video to get the subtitles — we wanted to pay homage to our Frenchie readers this time. ? I had fun translating what we said, actually…)

VLOG: 5 Lorette

Cooking Classes at 5 Lorette

Of course… you may also have noticed that this is our cooking class headquarters!

Such fans are we, that every month we organize themed cooking classes filled with gaiety and vegan-yum how-tos. If you haven’t been to one of our cooking classes yet, here’s a peep into that delicious madness. (We’ll be starting back in the fall or rentrée, ’cause Chloe’s got another bun to tend to at the mo’.)


See, we love 5 Lorette because it isn’t just vegan. It’s healthy. Way healthy. And that is what we’re truly about:

May we be kind to the animals and also kind to ourselves. 

Where & When?

5 Lorette
5 rue Notre Dame de Lorette
75009 Paris
Tel: 01 42 06 59 28

Tues.- Sat. 12pm – 3pm
Thurs. – Sat. 7:30pm – 10:30pm

Plus, join them on IG, FB, and Twitter.


Here’s to your well-being, friend, ’cause healthy ne’er tasted so good,


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