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5-Minute Avocado Meals

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You know how some people create their outfits starting with their shoes, or maybe a statement necklace?

I create my meals starting with… avocado.

Called “nature’s butter” by many, avocados are my all time favorite food and fantastic meal creator. Eaten easily savory or sweet, avocados are not only the little black dress (dress it up, dress it down) of the plant world, they’re also insanely healthy.

First, the facts: as you’ve heard before, avocados are chock-full of healthy, what I like to call yummy fats. This is no saturated-artery-cloggin’ fat party, we’re talking oleic acid that reduces inflammation and cancer risk.

That’s yummy.

Plus avocados are packed with more potassium than bananas, fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins K, C, and B6. So these little green gems promote strong bones, healthy skin, and radiant immunity. In addition, they also increase the nutrient value of the other plant foods you’re consuming at the same time.

Of course, that’s not even mentioning how delicious and versatile they are!

But what’s so great about avocados is how quickly you can pull an amazing meal or snack together. There are so many things I like to do with avocados for quick snacks and complete meals. Here are some of my favorites:


The easiest! Toast up your favorite whole grain, seedy, or olive bread, and then slather on fresh avocado, and dress with a drizzle of olive oil, lemon juice, sea salt, pepper, and a dash (or two) of cayenne. I also like to add chopped up sundried or cherry tomatoes for a little color and pizzazz.

To make into a meal, add a starter of sliced papaya with lime juice, and/or add a tartine with a nut butter and some honey, and finish the meal off with a cup of rice or oat milk dark hot chocolate!


Avocados make instantly creamy smoothies, for the perfect high-powered breakfast or afternoon pick-me-up.

To make my Avo-Epinards Smoothie: In a blender, put an avocado, a half-cup of spinach, 2 cups nut milk, 2 tablespoons maple syrup, and a handful of ice cubes. Blend and enjoy tout de suite!



My go-to lunch on the run.  All you need to have on hand for this is some pre-made brown or black rice – which is really helpful in preparing quick meals.

Basically you just top a bowl of warm brown rice with chopped up avocado, and drizzle with some sesame oil, nama shoyu (soy sauce,) and sprinkle with sesame seeds or gomasio and some cayenne and black pepper. Yum.

To make a meal: Start with a small green salad, or have a couple bananas 15 minutes before your avo-bowl.


There’s just nothing better than a bowl of arugula covered in creamy-creamy avocado and cherry tomatoes. No recipe needed, just fill a bowl with arugula (or mixed bitter greens,) and top with a chopped up avocado, sliced cherry tomatoes. Add a couple slices of toasted whole wheat or rye bread, and bam – awesome lunch material. (I like to use a nice balsamic vinegar and dijon mustard dressing with this.)

And lastly…


You heard me.

So there’s this RAWesome chef named Laura Miller and she has perfected the recipe for the perfect “healthy” dessert… or breakfast, or treat-to-eat-at-4-o’clock-when-you-need-chocolate.

So next time you’re hungry, in a hurry, and yet still in the mood for a little healthyhealthy, turn to the avocado. It’s the best way to fill you up, without filling you out, with massive flavor to boot.

If all else fails, split one open, add salt and pepper, grab your favorite spoon, and dig in. They’re that beneficial, and they’re that creamy.

Happy scooping.

{This article was first posted as a guest blog at The Happy Body Network, a very lovely site that you should definitely check out!}

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