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8 Tips For Long and Luscious Hair



I’ll admit it…

For a very long time I tortured my hair.

I would do wrap-around-the-curling-iron waves almost every other day, and backcombing was a common practice, essential for the volume I desired. Did my hair look great? Well, initially, sure. But over time this type of regime totally fries your tips and hence leads to the situation that happened to me about a year ago…

I finally went to the hairdresser after a pause of, oh, over a year, and requested: “Please, just cut off the split ends.” Which, of course resulted in me losing nearly FOUR inches of my beloved locks.

Bummer. Majorly.

So, lesson learned, I set out to learn how to grow it back, and this time, for good. I scoured the interwebs for natural tips and tricks — not easy in a world where models consume shark extract and horse mane to thicken their hair… (and there ain’t no way this girl was goin’ do that.)

And I’m thrilled to report that I was successful in my plight to grow my hair back, and bringing it back to life. Now, I don’t profess to be a hair expert by any stretch, but the following tips have worked for me, and I highly recommend you give them a go.

8 Tips to Make Your Hair Grow

  1.  Watch the heat usage (aka don’t fry your hair all the time)

 Curling irons, blow dryers… you know the drill, they toast your tresses. The less you use them, the healthier your hair will be, and the longer it will grow.  Logic. When you do have to use heat (and we all do from time to time,) try this little beauty from Giovanni to protect it.

Miss your perfect waves? Try this… (her accent’s great.)

  1. Wash your hair less

I know, I know, you like clean hair. And you like it to smell and feel freshy-fresh. Me too, me too. But it’s a sacrifice you have to make for the well-being of your hair. And if I was able to gradually wash my hair less, so can you. Basically, what happens is that when you stop washing your hair every bloomin’ day, your hair will gradually get less greasy in between washings. Seriously. Yes, it takes patience and determination, but don’t most things worth having? Eventually strive to wash your hair once or twice a week. Also, keep in mind that “normal” shampoos generally strip your hair of your scalp’s natural sebum which then makes you have to wash your hair even more often, so please use the most natural hair products you can find. And avoid sodium laurel/laureth sulfate. (SLS/SLES.) To learn more about this, click here.

It also helps to have a good hat on hand for the transition process! Check these out. And master some quick ‘dos, like these. (Actually, her accent’s great, too. 🙂 )

  1. Wooden brush

 A wooden brush does several brilliant things. First off, it redistributes your scalp’s natural oils, conditioning it. Secondly, it gives your scalp a major massage — stimulating the acupuncture points on your head, excellent for circulation (which promotes hair growth!). Plus it reduces static. Awesome. No more plastic brushes, friends.

  1. MSM and Vitamin C

MSM and Vitamin C are the hair-growth power duo. MSM (methyl-sodium-methane — an odorless crystalline powder) is an organic sulfur compound that’s beneficial for hair, skin, nails, and joints. (Plus it’s anti-inflammatory and detoxifiying! A real winner.) Taking MSM with vitamin C has been found to work the best. (With any form of supplementation, make sure you always get the highest quality! I use this one from Source Naturals. )


  1. Oil Hair Masks

Coconut and neem oil are my favorites. (Go easy on the neem oil, just a few drops in a base of coconut oil, for example, will suffice. Otherwise you’re going to smell a little funn-ay.) There are a few ways to use oils: you can coat your hair before you go to sleep, and then wash it out in the morning, or you can add a little bit to your tips each day… or both. See what works for you.

  1. Rosemary Essential Oil

 Just put four drops of rosemary essential oil in your fave organic, chemical-free shampoo, scrub that scalp, and then washy-washy. Rosemary oil stimulates circulation to the scalp (i.e. good thing!)

  1. Protein in the AM.

Why this works is that protein is essential for hair growth, and there’s something magical about having it in the morning. I often have banana n-ice cream with Warrior Food Vegan protein, raw cacao, and maca, but other favorites are pumpernickel toast with a nut butter, or power porridge.

  1. Food.

I know this may seem unrelated or like a unabashed plug for a plant-based diet, but where do you think your hair comes from? It grows out of your body. Anything that is a part of your body or grows out of it will be made of its very composition. You are what you eat and so’s your hair. Please remember that lots of body-loving plants, legumes, nuts and seeds will contribute to overall health of your body and hair.

Remember: Anytime you’re trying to improve anything about your body, you must understand that it is a holistic process. Chances are that striving to healthify your hair will also improve your overall well-being, and of course the opposite is true as well… the healthier you are in your day-to-day life, the healthier your hair (and other aspects) will become.

In the words of Hairspray,

“I offer big love,
With no apology.
How can I deny the world
The most of me?”

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