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{ Healing Food Addiction } Lessons Learned from 9 Months of Bright Line Eating



When I signed up for the Bright Line Eating bootcamp nine months ago, I thought it was simply going to provide a solution for my erratic eating habits. (Learn more about my BLE journey here and here.)

But the programme has gestated into a whole-body, whole-mind, whole-life quest. And it’s juicy.

My inner environment has been altered by the programme in subtle ways, thanks to bright lines, broken lines, and many, many new beginnings. And, perhaps most importantly, from communicating about the process consistently with people who get it, i.e. my fellow bright line eaters.

Self-Compassion thanks to Bright Line Eating

As we all know, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.

One of the keys with BLE is altering how we get back on track after inevitable slip-ups. Do we grudgingly resign ourselves to getting back on the wagon, all the while beating ourselves up for not being perfect? Or do we lovingly analyse the break and then hop, light as a feather, back onto the right side of the lines, using our slip to grow in peace and self knowledge?

With the help of the brilliant Bright Line community, and thanks to longer-term experience with my programme, I’m learning to do things differently. My self compassion and self care is growing every day. It’s a fabulous and unexpected victory that I could never have expected.


Video: Lessons Learned from 9 Months of BLE

I am thriving today on Bright Line Eating, but it hasn’t been smooth sailing all the way. Here’s what I have learned from breaking and ‘rezooming’ many, many times since beginning BLE in July 2018.


*Amis francophones – il y a des sous titres. Il faut cliquer sur CC* 


If this video has resonated with you and you think you might benefit from some food freedom, then check out the Bright Line Eating website, as well as Susan Peirce Thompson’s weekly vlogs.


Next step for me: fully letting go of perfectionism. Perhaps in another nine months!

Photo by Katie Donnelly.

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