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Accidental Cure for the Common Cold



Last week I felt my body starting to fall prey to the inevitable autumn sneezies. I was so annoyed because I had planned to go on a weekend jaunt to meet up with my parents who were holidaying in the South of France.

I felt rotten and so guilty at the thought of sneezing all over my lovely parents and infecting them on their hols! Talk about unwelcome guest. Plus, in my line of work, I simply cannot have a gravelly voice and a bunged up nose hanging around for weeks on end.

So I made green juice. A lot of green juice with, crucially, an inordinate amount of our magic ingredient:


I had a litre of the stuff to sip on during my five-hour train ride down to the Basque country.

And guess what?

photo 3

It worked!

I swear I could feel the green elixir cleansing my body of all that sniffly nastiness with every sip. By the end of the train journey, I was cured.

I have to admit that my reasoning behind making this juice was half instinct, and half because I needed to use up all the veggies in my fridge before leaving. Which is why I used a massive amount of parsley. Otherwise I might have been a little more parsimonious with this powerful herb. But after my accidental discovery, a/w 2015 is going to be parsley-everything for me.

So What’s the Recipe For This Magical Cold Cure?


  • One big bunch of parsley – or two, or three. However much you can handle.
  • One stalk of kale
  • Two crisp apples
  • One small lemon with rind
  • One cucumber

Juice it all up, and hey presto!

Why Does it Work So Well?

Parsley is massively rich in cold-zapping vitamin C. It’s actually richer in vitamin C than oranges. Same goes for star ingredient number two, kale.

Of course the lemon and apple added to the vitamin C count tremendously, but their most crucial role was for taste, neat parsley juice being strictly for juicing ninjas (I’m not quite there yet).

I think the power of this juice is in the sheer volume of the parsley. When was the last time you ate an entire bunch of raw parsley? I rarely have.

That’s the beauty of juicing – you get massive amounts of vitamins and minerals concentrated in a relatively small amount of instantly digestible fluid.

And when your immune system is working hard to fight off seasonal bugs, you really do need that nutritional turbo-boost.

But What if I Don’t Have A Juicer?

No biggie.

Try this parsley-rich green smoothie.

Or this tabbouleh.

But know that juice is definitely the best way to get maximum nutrition into your bod. So if you can, head to a local juice bar and ask for the most parsley-rich juice they have.

photo 2

I’m now parsley’s biggest fan. It allowed me to enjoy a gorgeous sunny walk to St-Jean-de-Luz, two swims in the sea, tai chi & yoga on the beach, and lots of laughs with my parents and their friends, all sniffle-free:

photo 1

beachAnd ever since my return from my lovely, sunny weekend to much chillier Paris, parsley has been my daily cold weather health insurance.
photo (3)

So next time you feel the sniffles coming on, put not your trust in Actifed.

Try this magical recipe instead, and let us know if it worked for you too.

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2 thoughts on “Accidental Cure for the Common Cold

  1. Juno Dunn says:

    Not a sniffle in sight – or sound x

    1. Chloe says:

      Yay! xxx

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