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How do you spend your time? Really?

For so many of us, days just pass by in a blur of “gotta get this done” and suddenly we’re lying in bed wondering where the day went, and why — again — we failed to accomplish  _____ and _____ .

The truth is, we have no idea where the time went. And the truth is, we certainly would have liked to have spent our time a bit differently. (Usually.)

Not that I have the answer for you… I struggle with this, too.

As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, I sometimes feel like a juggling Gumby being pulled in all directions. (So, like, circus Gumby.) I absolutely love what I do, but it requires a great deal of discipline, and time management prowess, which can be all kinds of challenging. But there is one exercise that I’ve learned over the years, that I’d love to share with you.

Where Does the Time Go? An Exercise.

It’s nothing complicated, and it just involves volition, and a pen and notepad. And it’s called: Track Your Time. Start measuring how much time you spend doing everything it is that you do, and write it all down. Just for a day or two — time it and measure it. Not that I’m into numbers, per se (I’m not,) but this exercise will give you clarity, and an inability to hide from your life. I.e. at night you’ll no longer be swimming in a “vague notion” of where your day went. You’ll know. 

You’ll know how much time you spent on social media, or on exercise, or working, etc. You’ll know how much or how little time you spent with your loved ones, or engaged in creative pursuits. No guesswork required.

Now, once you know what you spend your time doing, you can take a step back and analyse if the bulk of your time is in fact being spent on your priorities. And if not, you at least have a metaphorical slap in the face to wake up and smell the time passing.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, your days are numbered, kid. (And so are mine.) So let’s at least try to live our lives in accordance with our priorities and values. Deal?

The good news is that making these videos for Veggie Magnifique is certainly a joy and priority for me, so I truly hope you enjoy.

New Video: Eco + Vegan April Favorites

Join me as I share my current faves, including my new favorite movie, hot sauce, and so much more.

Featured in the video: Ferdinand, Hurraw Mint Lip Balm, Triple Crown BBQ Sauce – Cayenne, Tek Wooden Brush, Herbivore Vegan Necklace, Herbivore Hoodie


So, friends, let’s make the most of May, shall we? May we make time for the fulfilling and the important. You know I’ll be trying. (Feel free to leave some encouraging words in the comments below. I’d be grateful.) Oh, and if you try the exercise above, make sure to tell me how it works for you!

Enjoy those May flowers (and definitely stop and smell them,)

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