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Asian Cooking Workshop chez 5 Lorette



All this time you thought your dog was your best friend…

But, it turns out, it’s your blender.

Just kidding.

I mean, I just don’t have a puppy, so… it’s just me ‘n’ my blender. ūüôĀ

No, waitwait, in all seriousness, Chloe is my best friend, obvs, but there are practically a million things that you can do with a blender, making it a truly trusty and faithful companion. Hence, Chloe and I decided it was high time to organize a cooking workshop totally focused on blender recipes. And aside from the epic fail of my top knot (no jokes please,) our Asian Cooking Workshop Tuesday was a phenomenal success!

See, these days Paris is bubbling with new ideals, practices, and philosophies with many of them leaning toward organic/veggie/sustainable, and for this we can only say, “Hurray!” (Read more about the Paris¬†veggie revolution.) Meaning… Parisians¬†of all ages and backgrounds gathered enthusiastically for our plant-based, gluten-free, and blender-made¬†bonanza! Yay!

chloe-pours-5-lorette-veggie-magnifiqueSampling our bubble tea green smoothie

Our participants had many different reasons for coming… there were:

  • Curious ones¬†tout simplement
  • Those wanting to eat more veggies, and/or¬†healthify their own home cooking
  • Readers of our blog (Thank you, friends!)
  • Fans of 5 Lorette
  • Lovers of Asian food
  • Blender owners
  • And of course, all-of-the-above-rs.

(There was a poll. ūüėČ )

We are delighted to be¬†collaborating with¬†5 Lorette for our workshops, as their food, philosophy, and style align amazingly well with ours. The restaurant is warm, inviting, and¬†totally magnifique. A place where you feel comfortable and want to ‘plant’ yourself for hours!

5-lorette-girls-veggie-magnifiqueThe rainbow platter with peanut-miso sauce was a great success! 

mirror-5-lorette-veggie-magnifiqueWe are in love with the beautiful decor at 5 Lorette

We feel it’s truly important to create¬†community¬†around healthy food.¬†Through our workshops we are able to really share and exchange, and we are¬†so grateful for all the wonderful people we meet almost every day thanks to Veggie Magnifique, and to this growing health-conscious community in Paris.

Another big priority of ours is to, of course, demystify the preparation of plant-based food.¬†In short: Eating a balanced plant-based diet is¬†easier than you think. (‘Spesh if you have a blender!) We make sure our recipes are¬†easy peasy to recreate at home and that our¬†workshops are very¬†interactive and¬†hands on.¬†We want people to touch, feel, and even play with their food. Because that’s what it’s all about. It’s not that serious. I mean… it is and it isn’t. What you put in your mouth is all kinds of serious, but… let’s treat it with lightness and play.

claire-taking-picture-veggie-magnifiqueInstagram-worthy ‘nice’ cream

Thanks to all of you who came out and participated in this special workshop.¬†Hope to see you, and those who couldn’t make it this time, at the next one! (If you’re not in Paris, time to start researching your flights for next month’s workshop!) Details coming soon.

Questions on how to make the most of your blender? Leave them in the comments below! We love getting comments almost as much as we love vegan cookies!


P.S. Want to see more photos? Check out our album on Facebook!

P.S.S. If you’re in Paris, make sure to check out 5 Lorettezee place to be for high vitality food served with panache.

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