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“When the wisdom of the heart replaces the chatter of the mind, the power of love flows forth.” – Marianne Williamson

The chattering mind – what a terrible affliction. Because, generally, that chatter isn’t building you up with helpful hints and self-affirming words, right?

I’ve found that the best remedy for a mind filled with negative chatter is to have a good old chinwag with a trusted friend. It gives those cyclical thoughts an airing, and, hopefully, will help you to drop down from the head into the heart, thanks to authentic connection with another human being.

The tip we share in today’s video will really help in the authentic connection department. What’s more, it’s an easy way to sink deeply into the now, where all of life’s juiciness resides. It’s a moment-to-moment practice that will bring richness and understanding to your relationships, and hopefully, a quietening of that relentless mind.


Video: A Quick Tip for Better Communication


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2 thoughts on “How to be a Better Listener Instantly

  1. Semolina P says:

    This video was long enough to cover the topic. Other videos would require more time.
    I am going to focus on breathing when I am the listener in an important conversation, or even an everyday casual conversation.
    Great post! Thanks for the tip.

    1. Chloe says:

      Thank you! It’s a really easy practice to focus on when you’re talking to someone. Let us know how it goes for you!

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