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Ann Christine 

is no one-trick pony. Singer, voiceover artist, visionary, and health coach, this feisty firecracker never tires of spreading the message of love and vitality. A quirky-pants from the get-go, Ann grew up just south of Seattle, USA, where she did an inordinate amount of tree climbing and tap dancing. After studying Film and French at Chapman University, and spending way too many unsatisfying years in Los Angeles, she realized there was more to life and finally skipped over the pond. After finding a marvelous and fulfilling life in Paris, Ann then went on to study holistic nutrition at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (learn more here), and became “The Wellness Artist.” When Ann isn’t singing or creating artistic content, she delights in talking Dharma over fine Japanese tea, bathing in whimsy, and traveling the world. {Visit Ann’s artistic website to learn more.}

Chloe Dunn 

is a violinist and voiceover artist from Cambridge, England. She is above all a nature lover and spends much of her time frolicking in fields of green, admiring flora and fauna and nurturing her passion for wild crafting and foraging. Chloe popped over to Paris in 2005, straight out of a degree in Literature at Durham University, for what was meant to be a weekend party. But that weekend somehow extended to thirteen years… Mother of an adorable baby Magnifique, Chloe’s favourite spot in the world is wherever her little mini-veggie is. A lifelong vegetarian, Chloe loves raw ‘un’-cooking, unpronounceable Amazonian superfoods, yoga, and bad jokes. She believes in love, oneness, and raw chocolate, and she delights in spreading a message of compassion and ‘au naturel’ parenting through Veggie Magnifique.  {Visit Chloe’s pro site to learn more.}

What is Veggie Magnifique?

Veggie Magnifique is a Paris-based vegan lifestyle blog created by Ann Christine and Chloe Dunn. Ann and Chloe share strategies for a healthier, happier, more eco life – from mindfulness and minimalism, to easy plant-based recipes and gentle parenting tips. Veggie Magnifique believes that a healthy body and mind is the first step in creating a truly successful and fulfilling life, and that one of the best ways to do this is through creating a Powerful Morning Ritual. {Learn more here.}

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