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{ Recipe } Violaine’s Blue Spirulina Mermaid Bowls

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Time to eat ice cream for breakfast!

Next week it’s going to be over 100F in Paris. (That’s almost 38C for you celsius peeps.)

That’s hot.

As fond as I am of steel cut oats in the morning, sometimes you need something frozen to cool you down. And, unlike oats for example, today’s recipe can be eaten at any time of the day, really. It also makes a delectable afternoon snack for the kiddos or you. 

Violaine Bergoin, Raw & Vegan Chef

I’m thrilled because today we welcome back one of my favorite raw vegan chefs, Violaine Bergoin, to Veggie Magnifique! Violaine is the founder of Les Petites Patisseries Raw & Vegan, a delicious raw café in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. (Check out her snickers bar recipe, and watch the visit to her cake shop.) What are we making today? Easy-peasy blue nice cream!

But wait…

How Is It Blue?

Well, thanks to blue spirulina – which is a blue-green-algae. (Phycocyanin gives it the rich blue color.) Moreover, the beauty of blue spirulina, beyond its vibrant color, is that it doesn’t have that awful fishy taste that normal spirulina has. (Hooray!)

Spirulina is rich in a wide assortment of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, and is largely regarded as a superfood.

 A Few Benefits of Spirulina

In case you needed further motivation to make blue nice cream…

  1. Detoxes heavy metals.
  2. It’s packed with protein.
  3. Provides an energy boost due its B vitamins.
  4. Digestive health. Spirulina has chlorophyll which, of course, is fantastically healthy and healing for the body, but also helps with digestion, promoting good bacteria in the intestines.

A total win. Plus this particular type is blue, so you also get to feel like a mermaid, which is a big plus.



NEW VIDEO: Blue Mermaid Bowl | RAW + VEGAN

Whenever Violaine and I get together we have way, way too much fun. I really hope you enjoy this video, and of course, that you make this easy two-ingredient recipe! (Recipe is below.)

Violaine's Blue Spirulina Bowl (aka How to Become a Mermaid)

It's always more fun to eat aesthetically pleasing food, isn't it? Let your imagination run wild as you get fansaay with the toppings!

Prep time

10 min.

Cook time

0 min.

Total time

10 min.

  • Frozen organic and ripe bananas
  • A teaspoon or so of blue spirulina powder (You can add more or less depending on how you like it.)
  • Lots of fun toppings! Blueberries, strawberries, raw granola, coconut flakes, nuts and hemps seeds – the possibilities are endless.
  1. Put a bunch of chopped up frozen bananas in a mixer. (You can use a blender but the texture will end up being a bit more smoothie-esque.)
  2. Mix, mix, mix, and add your blue spirulina powder. (Or you could add other powders as well, if you want.)
  3. Scoop into a cold bowl (so it doesn’t melt too quickly!) and start decorating! Fruits, nuts, seeds! Go wild.
  4. Consume immediately with relish and satisfaction. You’re doin’ your body good.
Notes & Tips

*Remember to freeze your bananas the night before! I just keep a whole stash of chopped up frozen bananas in my freezer at all times in case of a nice cream craving, or if my amoureux wants a protein shake. (Which he always does.)

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So there you have it, friends! Give this blue bowl a try. I’m sure it’s going to become a summer go-to.

Want Violaine to make you one? Head on over to Les Petites Patisseries Raw & Vegan! You can come for the blue bowl, and leave with a box of decadent fudgey opera cakes. No guilt, guys – it’s all fair game when it’s raw.


Wishing you blue skies and blue bowls,

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One thought on “Violaine’s Blue Spirulina Mermaid Bowls

  1. Barbara says:

    Hey ann, where can I find this fantastic looking blue spirulina? I’m going to have to stock up and chow down on some major spirulina with my family because as you may have heard, most of us “riverains” of the Notre Dame area got some serious lead poisoning during and after the fire. so I’m looking for ways to rid our bodies of this horrible side affect… So your post is PERFECT TIMING!

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