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Got milk?

No thanks!

We’ve all seen the adverts. The message is clear: thou shalt drink milk. And the belief that calcium can only be found in dairy products is now hard-wired into our collective consciousness.

But what if this was a myth propagated by those who profit from widespread consumption of dairy products?

What if we (and our growing children) would actually be better off without dairy?


Dairy: The Hidden Truth

In addition to being untrue, the belief that calcium = dairy is also dangerous.

Dairy consumption is a major contributor to degenerative disease because:

  • It lacks dietary fibre
  • It contains saturated fat
  • It is an inflammatory food that can cause digestive issues, skin problems, and has even been linked to cancer
  • It’s filled with the hormones, antibiotics and GMO feeds that are routinely used in modern farming

Sure, dairy products contain calcium, but these negative health impacts grossly outweigh the benefits.

Might I also mention that milk contains pus?

Dairy cows are systematically over-milked to meet production demands. This leads to mastitis, an infection of the udders which causes scabs to form. Every time the cows are milked, the scabs break, and pus leaches into milk.

Still craving that cheese?


Debunking Calcium Myths

In today’s video we unravel the lies around calcium and bring home some plant-powered facts.

Tune in to find out:

  • How and why the calcium = dairy myth came about
  • What dairy actually does to your body
  • The toxins and chemicals found in dairy today
  • How to get your calcium needs from health-boosting plant sources instead

So, eat your broccoli, oranges, figs and greens every day and you’ll surely be getting enough calcium. What’s more you’ll also benefit from fibre, phytonutrients and a host of vitamins and minerals.

Plus no animal had to suffer so that you could get your RDA of calcium. Win-win.


Here’s to your health, and to eating your way to a better world,

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