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Co-Creating Your Best Year Yet



A very happy New Year from Veggie Magnifique!

We are both so excited about what 2016 will bring for the blog. We’re looking forward to serving as many people as possible with our tips for holistic wellbeing.

Have you decided on your New Year’s resolutions? If so, congratulations! There’s nothing better than a heartfelt goal (or five) to kick off the year with positive energy.

But perhaps you’re wondering how to make those resolutions stick? A powerful way to create lasting change is to visualise the dream life you will lead once those resolutions have been kept. Visualisation can turn your dreams into reality. It creates momentum that will help you to change your attitude and behaviour every day, thus bringing your dreams closer to you.

Maybe you think you don’t have the imagination to visualise? Well, have you ever worried about something bad happening? Worrying is visualisation, just in negative form. Now it’s time to use the power of your imagination for positive change!

There are many ways to visualise. Read on for one of our favourites, which makes for a fun and crafty January 1st activity.


Vision Boarding

A great way to make your goals more tangible is to make a vision board, or book, filled with images that represent your dream life. Both Ann and I have had great success with this practice. It’s amazing to revisit an old vision board and witness the accomplishment of dreams that seemed far out of reach at the time at which the board was created.

Making a vision board is a perfect New Year activity, when life is full of promise and positive energy. So why not do one today?

vision booking

In the middle of a fruitful vision booking session with our dear friend Hayley.


  • Take a pile of magazines, any type (e.g. travel, home & garden, health & beauty, literary) and tear through them looking for images and bits of text that light you up and represent what you would like to create in your life. You can divide your life into difference areas, e.g. love, work, philanthropy, family, money, etc and create separate ideals for each.
  • Cut out the images and text that appeal to you. You can also look for images from the Internet, or even create them with pen and paper or design software.
  • Stick them into an empty scrap book, or onto a large piece of cardboard or a pinboard. If you’ve made a vision board, display it wherever you like in your home; if you’ve made a book, carry it around with you in your handbag.
  • Look at your board or book often, and really imagine yourself living your dream life. When you look at your visions, it’s important to be in the right state of mind. So take three deep breaths, and focus on a subtle sensation within your body, for example the subtle tingling feeling in the tips of your fingers. Now you’re using the power of your presence to fully point your consciousness towards creating your dreams.
Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 2.38.10 AM

Ann about to get stuck in!

  • When you look at your visions, experience the emotion you will feel when your dream becomes reality. Positive emotion ramps up the power of visualisation. For example, feel your exhilaration when you nail that job, your joy when you find the perfect partner, your satisfaction when you sprint over the finish line.
  • Keep your board! That way you can look back on it when you’re living your ideal future and be reminded of the sheer power of your intentions.


Wishing for all your dreams to come true in 2016,



p.s. Here’s a resource section to remind you of your innate capacity to co-create the life of your dreams. Everything here makes for excellent New Year reading/watching. Enjoy!

Co-creation Resources

Inspirational books on manifesting:

Free daily emails to brighten up your life:

Inspirational talks:

  • Wayne Dyer on manifesting

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