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I’ll let you in on a secret: I never actually wanted to be a mum. I’m delighted to be one now, of course. But pre-motherhood, my fear of long-term interrupted sleep had me running for the hills.

I’m a girl who loves – no, needs – her sleep. (I can feel my nearest and dearest nodding along to this.) And like so many of us, I had heard horror stories about years upon years of sleepless nights once babies were in the picture.

If you are a fellow sleep-lover and hence, perhaps, baby-averse, or if you’re suffering from difficult nights as a new mum, here’s a potentially life-changing concept for you: co-sleeping.


Co-Sleeping: It Ain’t as Kooky as it Sounds

The fact that we have cultural issues with co-sleeping doesn’t stop it from being the norm in many other countries. (It also doesn’t prevent a lot of western families from sleeping this way in secret.)

Co-sleeping facilitates more restful nights and also long-term breastfeeding, because the milk bar stays open all night, with little to no effort from the breastfeeding mum. Basically, your baby can feed to his or her heart’s content while you sleep soundly – a total win-win.

Plus, who wouldn’t want to be smooshed up against their cute and sweet-smelling baby all night long? I adore nighttime QT with my little snoozy angel, and seeing his sunny little face first thing.


Video: How Co-Sleeping Saved my Sleep

I’m proud of achieving the seemingly impossible: prolonged breastfeeding, with my energy levels, sanity and sense of humour intact. (Mostly.) And it’s all thanks to co-sleeping.

So today I explore the science behind why, exactly, co-sleeping is a total sleep-saver.

*This one’s in French, but never fear – we’ve subtitled it for you, dear reader!*

If you’re curious about co-sleeping, certainly look into the ins and outs of it on the dedicated Lèche League page. There are, of course, certain safety caveats that must be in place before sharing your bed with bubba.

How do you feel about co-sleeping? Have you tried it? Did it work out for your family? Let me know in the comments below! I’m curious to hear how it works out for other families.

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