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It turns out mosquitos like Norwegian-Americans.

I know this because I currently look like I have the chicken pox.

None of my companions in French Guiana had more than two bites, whereas I had two nearly every square inch.

Resulting in: me smelling constantly of lavender essential oil (lovely) and me having to exercise every ounce of restraint to not scratch off all of my skin (not so lovely.) I think I now know how smokers feel when they quit smoking… they probably desire a cigarette as much as I felt compelled to constantly claw at my skin.

Aside from the sheer agony of bodily itch-ation, I had a wonderful time in French Guiana (where I spent the holidays with my belle-famille). Eating mangoes, papayas, passion fruit, and homemade Indian roti by my talented mother-in-law, plus enjoying holiday gaiety and jungle galavanting

So here’s a little peek into the French Guyanese rainforest and the things that are currently tickling my fancy.

December Favorites in French Guiana

(Thankfully I recorded the audio of this video on my phone and then synced audio/video. You should hear the camera audio… it sounds like the monsoon that it was.)


Hope you enjoyed my December Favorites, and that you had a marvelous holiday season.

Here’s to dream-catching in 2017.

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2 thoughts on “December Favorites in French Guiana

  1. Sophie says:

    Hi Ann and Chloe! Your blog is always so interesting and such a nice read/watch, please keep it up! I was wondering if you could do a post about skin health? There is quite a lot about ‘natural’ approaches to keeping skin clear (healing acne) both externally and internally on the internet, but sometimes it feels like there is an overwhelming amount of information – some even contradictory! Could you offer your insights as nutritionists and as healthy lifestyle advocates on how to clear skin (from within, with the vitamins/minerals and how they work), and also maybe some natural oils or face masks to make at home etc? I have been doing honey and cinnamon masks and they work wonderfully! I just wondered if you had any tips and advice you could share as well. Thanks!! xx

    1. Chloe says:

      Hi Sophie! Thanks so much for your adorable feedback. We’re thrilled to hear that you’re enjoying the blog. We will certainly do a post about a natural approach to skin health, thanks for giving us the idea! Love the idea of a honey and cinnamon mask – sounds yummy, hehe 🙂 We’ll assemble all of our tips and tricks and get a post out soon. Much love, Chloe & Ann xxx

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