Veggie Magnifique | FAQs


What foods do you recommend I should eat less of? 

Ann: Above all, make an effort to cut out all the fake processed “foods” (soda, candy, packaged products, et al), and do your best to reduce the white food in your diet (i.e. refined sugar and white flour.)  You’ll really feel the difference. Then cut down on (or remove entirely) dairy and meat, and… life could be a dream. (Sh-boom.)

Where do you get your protein?

Chloe: Plant foods are naturally rich in high quality, bio-available protein. For a long list of ideas, see our article on protein here. We love to eat greens, pulses (legumes), nuts, quinoa – all bursting with protein.

What kind of kitchen equipment do you use?

Chloe: A lot of our recipes can be made simply with a blender or a food processor, or just a knife, chopping board and a pan. But if you want to go a step further, we love and absolutely recommend the Hurom cold press juicer. Other fun gadgets for mega healthy food are a spiralizer, for making noodles from vegetables and a dehydrator, for making raw cake and other delights.


Do you only eat organic food?

Chloe: Getting there! Luckily Paris is upping its game on the organic front. Everything we create in our homes is made from almost all organic ingredients, but eating out and travelling is of course another story. That being said, there are more and more organic, veggie-friendly joints popping up in and around Paris. We’ll be documenting this, naturally.  

What are your favorite ways to exercise?

Ann: Chloe and I are total sporties! I’m a fan of wild dancing in my living room, yoga, and legit ballet classes. But then I also enjoy soccer, tennis, and jogs in the park — alone or with Chloe. (Who runs marathons, btw!) In addition to running, Chloe also loves her sun salutations with Mohammed or Carlos here, and kickin’ it with me in my crazy fun Jane Fonda-esque fitness and dance classes. We are also avid bikers, using Paris’ public bike system (and hence avoiding the metro.) Exercising alone is brilliant for mental clarity, but skipping around with friends can be super fun and motivating. Perfect weekend scenario? Chloe and I hit up an intense yoga class, then have a yummy healthy brunch afterward. #bliss


What’s always in your pantry/fridge?

Ann: We both love love love and always have on hand: matcha, bananas, lemons, avocados, parsley, carrots, chia seeds, rice milk, raw cacao (and other superfoods), and Seattle’s Theo chocolate, imported from my parents. Plus coconut oil, of course… in pretty much every room of our apartments. (Read more here.) And… Chloe’s also into cucumbers, and I’m into papayas.

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