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February Favorites!



Let’s all just agree that February falooo by. Yesterday it was, like, Christmas, and now all of a sudden we’re¬†marching.

February was a big month for Chloe and me. We semi-launched Veggie Magnifique in French (Had you noticed? ūüėČ Not every article has been translated for the moment, but we’re adding more articles¬†en fran√ßais every day.) Plus, we’ve also been busy working on many other top secret VM projects to be unveiled in the coming months. Exciting and busy!

However, I did somehow find the time to fall in love with a few things recently…¬†and today I’m going to share my finds.

February Favorites


Lauren Singer – Trash is for Tossers

Coolest find of the month. So there’s this young 20-something named Lauren, and she’s lives a “zero waste” life in Brooklyn, USA. Her site, Trash is for Tossers, is a goldmine of inspiration to not only minimalize, but get all¬†DIY-y with it. (I’m so going to make her whipped¬†body butter…) All of her trash from the past few years fits into one. mason. jar. (Above.) Wow.

The following is her short and sweet TED talk.¬†(Plus here’s a great 7-minute¬†report¬†on MSNBC.)

Her hair is amazing, huh? I mean, her speech was great, too, of course… but if making your own vegan shampoo gives you shiny hair like that, man, sign me up! ūüôā

No, but, in all seriousness, I’m very inspired. I think we can all take a hard look at all the waste that we produce daily and start taking steps toward a more planet-friendly, and less consumeristic lifestyle. Who’s with me?



Pumpkin the Raccoon on Instagram

A bit random, I admit, but¬†Pumpkin the Raccoon may be the best IG account I’ve ever discovered. Just checking in with Pumpkin’s raccoony adventures is a surefire way to uplift the spirits, and get your cuteness fix. Which, if we’re honest with ourselves, we all need from time to time. (Don’t deny it.) ¬†#iwantaraccoon


Diana Ralys Oxygen Plasma Serum

Don’t get me started on the benefits of oxygen products in your life (a whole post to come about that in the near future,) but just to start, let’s talk about this amazing face serum by Diana Ralys Skin Health.

Two reasons to start using this product:

First off, it makes¬†you sounds really cool at cocktail parties when people ask you what¬†skincare products¬†you use to have such a healthy glow and you respond 100% straightforwardly, “oxygen plasma.”

And secondly, and more seriously, it’s a pure oxygen serum that hugely oxygenates (obviously)¬†the skin, has anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory properties,¬†accelerates healing and regeneration of skin cells, plus it just totally rejuvenates your lovely face. ¬†It’s great after a sunburn, or before sun exposure. It’s brill for rosacea or acne prone skin… I mean I could go on and on. I’m the biggest fan ever of Diana Ralys — her ethics, organic products, and her¬†skin health philosophy. (Use the code: VEGGIEM15, for¬†15% off any orders made on the website¬†Diana Ralys Skin Health¬†until March 12th, 6pm Paris time.)


Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Chances are that you’ve heard about this book… probably from me, actually. (I can’t stop talking about it and sending it to my friends.) But that’s because it should be required reading for all of humanity! It’s a¬†vital¬†reminder to all of us: you¬†are¬†inherently creative.¬†You have a song to sing. Maybe it’s ice skating, or maybe it’s creating little roses out of frosting, whatever. This book is a manifesto saying: Make art. Create. You know you want to. So many of us think that we lost that creativity back in grade school or, worse, that we never had it at all. Nopity-nope. Sorry. It’s part of the “life package.” (Though, naturally, it expresses itself in a billion different ways.) Big Magic will inspire those who’ve nearly¬†forgotten their creative urges to¬†dig deep and re-cultivate, and to those who already do express (or live on) their creativity, how to manage it, understand it, play with it….

Just read it. (And you thought Liz Gilbert would only ever be lauded for Eat, Pray, Love…. tsssssk.)

Vivani Rice Choc 40% Cacao Bar

Vivani Rice Choc 40% Cacao is the¬†best vegan “mylk” chocolate out there. (Leave it to the Germans, of course.) Many vegan “mylk” chocolates are either way too sweet, hard and brittle, or don’t retain their chocolatey flavor. The beauty of this bar, however, is that is remains chocolately while also being creamy and, dare I say it, “milky.” ¬†A total winner.¬†Danke, Deutschland.


What are some things that you’ve been digging recently? Leave a comment below with your top three current faves and you’ll be entered to win one of those amazing chocolate bars I just told you about.* (Seriously! I’ll be sending you one in the mail if you win. ūüėČ )

* Winner will be chosen at random on Wed. 5pm Paris time. One entry per person. (Don’t be sneaky.) You must leave a comment with three favorites to qualify. If one of your favorites has anything to do with reality TV you are disqualified.

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2 thoughts on “February Favorites!

  1. Arnold says:

    Great article!

    Here are my favs :

    1. Reading Flood Your Body With Oxygen once again.
    2. Listening to podcasts about freedom.
    3. Experimenting with meat substitutes Lupin especially and Seitan.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Ann says:

      Hello Arnold!

      Thanks for stopping by! I love your favorites! Also, thanks for participating in our contest! By using complex algorithms, and the delicate science of random numbers, (from here: http://www.dougsfreestuff.com/random.html,) YOU have been chosen as the WINNER of a delicious Vivani Chocolate bar. Keep an eye on your mailbox… yumminess is on its way!

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