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Have you read The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod?

It’s a game-changing book about the importance of establishing positive morning rituals. The sparkling energy of the morning, when harnessed, can truly change the course of your day from ‘meh’ to magical. But having the time to prime yourself for a productive and positive day, without falling into the lateness stress-trap, usually means getting out of bed that little bit earlier.

Maybe you’re not one of life’s early birds. Join the club! I find it terribly hard to get up early. When the alarm goes off my mind always tells me that I haven’t had enough sleep, and that I just need to catch an extra ten minutes. Ten minutes which inevitably turns into 60…

But, recently, thanks to The Miracle Morning, I’ve developed a foolproof technique for getting up – and staying up! – that I now use every day. It works without fail. Even if it’s still dark outside, even if my bed is calling to me, even if I’m feeling sorry for myself – as long as I get to at least step three of my strategy, I can stay up, and start joyously catching that (vegan) worm.


Chloe’s Simple 5-Step Strategy for Getting Up Early

1. Get Out of Bed

This sounds obvious. But how many times have you hit the snooze button and gone back to the land of nod when your alarm clock is right by your side? Put it on the other side of the bedroom, or even in another room. Your body and mind will go from ‘not on your nelly!‘ to ‘yes we can’ in the few seconds it takes to get to your alarm clock.

2. Clean Your Tongue

Tongue scraping gets rid of the furry white stuff that builds up on your tongue overnight which contributes to grogginess first thing. It’s a powerfully detoxifying practice that will work to cleanse your palate in the long run. So, in addition to feeling more fresh in the morning, you’ll become more sensitive to the taste and texture of food (thus less likely to overdo it on salt, sugar and fat).


Ann and I love the Amano tongue scraper, because it’s pretty, it’s effective, and it doesn’t make you gag. Tongue scraping won’t feel like a chore – it’s really satisfying to scrape away the furriness first thing.

3. Wash Your Face

Splash your face with water (it doesn’t have to be icy) to wash away the cobwebs and any sleepy dust. I like to follow up with a delightfully fragrant facial oil like this rosehip one.

4. Rehydrate

Hydration will give you an immediate boost. Either have a big glass of water, or give your liver a treat with our morning secret: a cup of warm water with a slice of lemon and a dash of cayenne.

Or do both – I like to prepare my morning drink (because I can’t be trusted with ceramic knives first thing in the morning) by putting my lemon water in the fridge before bed. I then drink a mug of the cold, infused water in the morning while waiting for the kettle to boil. Then I pour the hot water over the slice of lemon, and sip as I get into step number 5.

5. Stretch

This is the best way to iron out the creases that your body may have accumulated overnight and make you feel ready for your day. I do 20 minutes to an hour of yoga each morning. (We’re still doing #MagnifiqueYogaMonth – join me!) It leaves me feeling super calm and energised. Check out YouTube for some simple morning yoga routines, or just follow your instinct and stretch whatever parts of your body you want to for five minutes or more.



So there you have it – a foolproof strategy to maximise your morning. Let us know how you get on with these steps in the comments below – we’d be delighted to hear how they work for you!

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