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Yes, hooked!

We all know we should be eating our greens, but somehow we never quite get around to it, probably because munching through a pile of greens daily can be boring and lengthy, and therefore unsustainable (especially during the colder months).

Here’s where green smoothies save the day.

These past few weeks, I’ve been reading Green for Life  by Victoria Boutenko, and I am truly a convert to the green smoothie way of life (and will evangelise to anyone who’ll listen 😉 ). It’s a super inspiring book, guaranteed to get you giddy about greens.


What’s so Great about Greens?

Greens are the ultimate beauty and wellbeing food.

When you eat greens every day, you’ll:

  • Eradicate cravings for unhealthy food and drink. Think of a green smoothie as your daily insurance against cravings. Because greens are so vibrantly nutritious, they keep your body perfectly nourished. Cravings come about when we’re lacking certain micro-nutrients in our diet, but when you drink a green smoothie every day you can be sure you’re ticking all the nutritional boxes.
  • Achieve your ideal weight. Smoothies are filled with fibre, so they’re mega filling, and will keep you regular, eliminating bloating. They’ll also help you to make healthier food choices (see above).
  • Boost your mood. The green smoothie, being a highly digestible food, will improve your gut health. A happy gut means a happy you, since recent research has shown that the gut is responsible for the production of serotonin, the happy hormone.
  • Maintain strong bones. Forget inflammatory and hormone-laden cow’s milk, greens are where it’s at for bioavailable calcium. A non-negligible cosmetic consequence of this is whiter teeth, and who doesn’t want those?
  • Shine! Your hair will be lustrous and your skin radiant, because of all that concentrated nutrition.


Video: The Magnifique Green Smoothie Challenge

Today’s video announces our 30-day smoothie challenge. I’ve had a cheeky head start on this – I read Green for Life a week ago, and I was so fired up about greens that I couldn’t wait to start drinking my daily green smoothie. I’ve already noticed a massive energy boost, better skin, and a super-positive outlook.


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The Green Smoothie Method

To partake in this challenge, you simply drink a litre of green smoothie a day, in addition to your normal diet.

The great thing about green smoothies is that they’re quick and easy to make, and make a practical and nutritious meal to consume when you’re on the go. Plus they’re super filling. All that fibre and dense nutrition will really satisfy you, providing you with the best kind of fuel.

I generally have my big green smoothie as my breakfast and lunch, and then have a normal dinner. It’s a great way to feel light and energised during an active day.


Green Smoothie Tips

Keep it simple

You may see some smoothie recipes on the internet that call for exotic superfoods and speciality milks. And that’s fine, but the best way to make smoothies a habit is to keep them mega simple, i.e. greens + fruit + water.


Vary the ratio of greens to fruit to suit your tastebuds. People generally start with more fruit, and then decrease it as their tastebuds acclimatise to the greens and become more sensitive to sweetness. Also, vary the types of greens you’re consuming, to make sure you’re getting the full range of nutrients, and also to avoid an alkaloid build-up (which could put you off your smoothies). Here’s our recipe for a yummy detox smoothie for you to try.

Go With What You’ve Got

I use a Vitamix to make my smoothies, but you don’t need to invest hundreds to get smoothie-ing. A Nutribullet or a similar style machine will work very well.


So, will you be joining me for a month of green smoothies? Let us know in the comments below. And be sure to tag your smoothie experiments on social media with #MagnifiqueSmoothieChallenge.

I’ll be charting my progress, and letting you know the improvements I see over the course of the 30 days.

Here’s to ever-improving health, and sailing through the end of the winter with joy and ease!

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