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The Upper Marais district in Paris has taken over as a sort of veggie vortex.

In short, throw a rock anywhere between Avenue de Bretagne and Place de la République and you’ll hit either a hipster or a vegan restaurant. That’s not to say that all are created equal — but at least you won’t have to have a salade frisée and some baguette for lunch.

To which we all say, “Hooray!”

The newest in this bourgeoning veggious borough is H.O.P.E. – i.e. Home of the Plant Eaters, specializing in savory and scrumptious organic, in-season plant food.

The owners, Emilie and Victor, are new to the plant scene. They went vegan just over a year and a half ago, and now are proudly raising their son on this nutrient rich diet. Victor, the chef, actually got his culinary feet wet working at the Parisian bistro le Maroquinerie, but after he and his wife changed their diet and lifestyle, they realized the time had come to open their own place, and on their own terms.

The result is a smashing success — an intimate cocoon, where people eat well, and feel at home. (Totally #hygge.)

Chloe and I decided to get down to serious tasting business in order to offer you an inside look into Victor’s cooking and H.O.P.E.’s cozy ambiance. Watch us devour the fully végétal menu in our latest vlog…

H.O.P.E. – Home of the Plant Eaters Vlog

Up Close

vegan salad radish hope plat eaters
chloe at hope paris home of the plant eaters

Copious veggie curry with coconut milk and mango pieces. 

risotto hope home of the plant eaters paris

Risotto with Jerusalem artichokes and vegan parmesan chunks.

Dessert at H.O.P.E. Paris

vegan chocolate molten cake
Dessert-wise, the chocolate moelleux takes the cake. It’s rich and decadent like a molten cake’s suppost’a be, with vanilla cream to boot. We’ve had the other desserts, and they are beautiful culinary masterpieces, but… we’re just a bit chocolate-obsessed, so we’re not that objective here.

The only downsides to H.O.P.E. were the portion size of the risotto (I like to eat, man,) and the underwhelming top 40 playlist (we’d suggest some classy instrumental jazz to go with the chill hygge vibes.)

Otherwise, you’re in for a treat.

H.O.P.E. Home of the Plant Eaters
19, rue de Picardie, 75003, Paris
Métro: République / Filles du Calvaire.


Here’s “hoping” you get the opportunity to sink your teeth into those juicy Jerusalem artichokes one day soon,

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