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How to Get More Headspace



Chances are you don’t need convincing that meditation is good for you.

You know that it improves concentration, helps manage stress, and is highly beneficial for your holistic health. You’ve heard that those who meditate enjoy more creative lives, better relationships, and are just happier overall.

However, chances are also great that you’re like… dude, how do I start? It can seem daunting and obscure and overwhelming. Like, what do I do? Just, like, sit and not think? How do I train my brain and start receiving all these benefits everyone’s talking about?

Enter, Headspace.

And, no, this is not a promoted post! It’s just me sharing this amazing resource that has been so incredibly helpful for both Chloe and me.

So here’s the story…

Having been ordained as a Tibetan Buddhist Monk many years ago, Headspace creator Andy Puddicombe isn’t just a techie who wanted to cash in on the smartphone app party. After living and traveling in several countries to serve his monastic commitment, upon his return to the UK, Andy became a mindfulness consultant, with the goal of making “meditation and mindfulness accessible, relevant and beneficial to as many people as possible.” After teaming up with Rich Pierson, Headspace the application was born. Here’s a fun little video:

Before we go any further, let’s get personal here…

I’ve been rather diligent about my morning meditation for some years now, and I can honestly say that it has been integral to my becoming a calmer and more patient person, strengthening my intuition, manifesting dreams and desires, and so much more.

So since I had been meditating and visualizing long before Headspace came along, you may wonder what Headspace bought to the table. Here’s what…

Many Different Topics of Focus

So many choices! You can do packs for happiness, pregnancy, self-esteem, etc., or you can choose to do meditations that combat anxiety, stress, or depression. There’s even a pro pack for you monks-in-training. With so many options you can truly find the shoe that fits, further inspiration for you to commit to your practice due to its on-the-surface relevance to your life. Plus there are singles (ones not in a pack), meditations with or without guidance, and animated videos to watch when you want to remind yourself why you’re doing this, or… just to watch the adorable little round creatures bopping around. (So cute.)


It Tracks Your Progress

Mind work is difficult to quantify and measure, and yet measuring is such a motivating factor in any undertaking. So Headspace keeps track of your hours and progress by documenting all the packs you’ve completed, plus the one in your queue, in your “timeline.” As a result, you can marvel at all that you’ve accomplished, and look forward to what’s up next. Woohoo!


Buddy System

Headspace understands not only the importance of accountability, but also understands that we are living in a very social media world — even when it comes to things as seemingly solitary as meditation. As such, you can have up to five buddies who can “nudge” you when you haven’t meditated recently, and vice versa. It may sound silly and unrelated, but knowing that your five buddies will see on your profile if you’ve been gettin’ some headspace or not recently is pretty good incentive to sit and get your mindfulness on. Accountability at its finest!


With their Get Some Give Some initiative, every time someone purchases a subscription to Headspace, they give one to someone in need. Ommmm… awesome!?
So, now you know how to start meditating. Click here to do Headspace’s free Take 10 starter pack. It won’t be long before the little meditation corner of your living room feels like a fertile mountain top in the Himalayas, where anything is possible, and vitality abounds.

What about you? Have you had life-changing results from meditation? Share in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

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3 thoughts on “How to Get More Headspace

  1. Arnold says:

    That’s exactly how I feel when I think about mediation, there are so many different types… I also don’t like the aspect of being “passive” that’s most certainly why I postponed the adoption of meditation in my daily routine. However, as I strive to be more productive, creative and focused on a daily basis I’m willing to give it try. I hit the gym almost every day, so the analogy with exercise really speaks to me. I guess I must start seeing mediation as serious “brain training”. I started 10 for 10 today, thanks for the discovery Ann! Can wait to experiment more.

    1. Ann says:

      So glad that you’re feeling inspired to get on the meditation wagon. It truly goes hand in hand with activism! 🙂

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