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Did you know that I wear glasses?

Just kidding. I don’t. I am just one of those weirdos that have black glasses with no lenses for days when I feel like looking studious or geeky. Because the truth is, guys…

I am a total geek.

Wait… you knew?

Okay, fine. But I’m finally coming to grips with this because, if there’s been one positive side-effect of the incessant and rampant hipster culture, it’s that it’s hadΒ a huge effect on what we think is cool. I.e. Nowadays outsider is the new “in”, and geeky is the new goddess.

And I can get with that.

Ann’s Geeky (but vegan + eco!) January Favorites

So since “mainstream” is so yesterday, I’m coming out and unabashedly owning my nerdy-ness by divulging my passion for harp music. Yep. Nothing says, “I’m cool” like the harp, right? Of course I have other favorites to share that are less idiosyncratic, but I’ll just let you click below to discover what those might be. Enjoy!


NEW VIDEO: Vegan + Eco | January Favorites

{Ann’s Favorites: Sunday Natural Matcha, Goodbye, Things by Fumio Sasaki, Dorothy Ashby, BWC Mascara, Hydro Flask.}

So there you have it — all my coups de cΕ“ur from January. Should you be interested in other faves of ours, make sure to check out our curated lists of books, cosmetics, mama/baby, and our faveΒ kitchen items.


Now it’s your turn – what makes you a fantastic geek? I promise I won’t make fun.



Sending you a piping hot matcha latte from freezing Paris,  🍡

{Featured image by Krystal Kenney.}

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4 thoughts on “January Favorites

  1. Rima says:

    Hi Ann, here’s minimalism AND harp music for you:

    I hope that’s geeky enough. Enjoy!

    1. Ann says:

      That’s all kinds of AWESOME! I feel 150 times zenner just watching that vid. Plus it was made in my home state! Thanks for the find, Rima dear.

  2. Beverly Dancey says:

    I’m thinking about attending IIH to learn about holistic coaching possibly. I started looking for schools and I found so many of them. My question is how do you know which one to go to? Why IIH? There’s another very thorough one called Energy Health Institute it’s two years but seems to offer more. I’m confused hoping you can help

    1. Ann says:

      Hi Beverly! That’s great that you’re interested in studying holistic nutrition. Definitely check out my video ALL ABOUT this topic! Best of luck to you.

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