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Maybe you can tell from this goofy picture that we’re full of the joys of spring this autumn.

It’s all thanks to the #MinsGame. (Check out our video on the topic for the full scoop.) In short, it’s like administering a colonic to your living space. Every day. For a month.

We seriously lightened our load this past September, and experienced many unexpected benefits in the process. So much so that we’ve adopted minimalism as part of our holistic approach to health.


What Happens When You Play the #MinsGame?

Make no mistake, the MinsGame ain’t for sissies.

It becomes progressively trickier as the month wears on and you’re giving away more and more items. You’re forced to explore those dark corners of your home, filled with the dreaded clutter gremlins…

But oh, the satisfaction when you *finally* work through that stale old pile of paperwork, creating clean lines, and bin bags full of ancient history. When you re-organise that messy spice cabinet where you couldn’t find anything before (except for some crusty old sage someone brought you once from Crete).


But What’s the Point of Minimalism?

It’s not just about being a domestic goddess. Actually, it’s got nothing whatsoever to do with that.

It’s about creating mental purity and emotional peace, because our living space directly affects our inner space. Possessions carry energy. When you’re weighed down by thousands of random odds and sods, that energy is weighing on your space, and weighing on you.

Plus, it’s fun to minimise!

Minimalism starts with pulling out everything you own (perhaps not all at the same time, though if you’ve got a long Sunday ahead of you, knock yourself out). Then, you get ruthless. According to Marie Kondo of the KonMari method, anything that doesn’t spark joy has to go. Sound a bit vague? Start picking up your things, one by one, and asking yourself if they spark joy. You’ll begin to get a feeling for what should stay and what should go.

Or, use this famous William Morris quote (one of my mum’s favourites) as your compass:

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

Be sure to give your possessions to a worthy cause – charity, friends, the recycling bin, etc. And then revel in your new-found peace and clarity.


Video: The Joys of Minimalism and the #MinsGame

Here’s our summary of the unexpected benefits we experienced with the MinsGame and minimalism in general.

(Are our videos getting sillier and sillier? I think they might be.)

*Il y a des sous-titres en français pour info ! Il faut les activer*


Here’s proof of my *extreme minimalism* (in Ann’s minimalist superhero voice) toiletry and makeup collection. I’m quite proud of that. What do you think?

basic minimalist toiletries easy homemade non toxic the minimalists minimalismToiletries, including homemade toothpaste, one-ingredient dry shampoo, and coconut oil

easy simple minimalist makeup minimalism the minimalists non toxicMakeup collection – bit of an RMS fan, can you tell?


I hope you enjoyed learning about our adventures with minimalism. If you played along, share your experiences with the MinsGame in the comments below.

And if you didn’t, let us know if this video has inspired you to give the MinsGame a try. We can’t recommend it enough!

Yours in light-as-a-feather zennitude,

p.s. Thanks to Joshua and Ryan of for inspiring us with fun games and snappy articles!

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