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{ Yoga } Giving Back with Kind Leggings




We women love athleisure, because it allows us to actually be comfortable.

athleisure (ath·lee·zhr): A gift from God that allows us to wear yoga clothes outside of the gym or studio in day-to-day settings and totally get away with it. 


Now you men reading this might not understand this – but sometimes a girl just can’t wear jeans. Bloating days? Leggings. In need of a little self-care? Leggings. The dreaded “fat” days? Leggings.

Leggings may not be the cure to all of life’s conundrums, but it certainly helps us to deal. Because who are we kidding? We totally think and feel better when we aren’t losing circulation in our legs.

Social Business – Giving Back

But enough about my penchant for stretchy pants, let’s talk about giving back.

As you may know if you’ve been ’round these parts for a while, I love supporting small, ethical businesses. Nathalie Alauzen’s Kindleggings is just that.

After over 10 years in the fashion and athletic apparel industries, Nathalie saw an untapped potential in social business, and wanted to do her part to give back. In her own words, “We live in a world where global trade isn’t going away, however social enterprising is the key to a tremendous change in society in the coming years, with endless space for creativity in terms of purpose and action.”

As such, Kindleggings gives part of its profits to empower women in a sustainable way, mainly though, to finance women entrepreneurship initiatives via microcredits. So when you purchase a Kindleggings product, you’re directly supporting women to create or develop their own business so they can support their families in the long run. (Learn more here.)

So. Cool.

Philanthropic + Stylish

Since Nathalie has a background in fashion, naturally her yoga wear is stylish in addition to being functional. (See: athleisure. Heh heh.) Not only that, but her leggings and other pieces are super stretchy and softy-soft, and fit for any body.

Leggings with give that give back?


NEW VIDEO: Kind Leggings | Social Business | Giving Back

I recently visited Nathalie’s atelier and sat down for a cuppa tea and to chat all about social entrepreneurship and Kindleggings. Hope you enjoy my visit as much as I did!


{Nos amis francophones, cliquez sur le petit CC à droite pour les sous-titres.}


Guess what? When you use the code: KINDVEGGIE at check out (or this special VM link), Nathalie is offering Veggie Magnifique readers/viewers 20% off your first purchase with Kind Leggings! Hooray! Enjoy!

I truly hope you enjoyed this sneak peek behind-the-scenes at Kindleggings. Let us all strive to support people and businesses who are striving to do things better. 


Have a wonderful weekend, friends.

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