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March Favorites



Do you ever listen to the birdsong videos on YouTube? (You know… the original Tweets?)

It’s a thing.

(This one is my favorite.)

I’m really into ambience. It affects me.

In the wintertime I put on crackling fireplace videos to create that cozy feeling, and in the springtime I like birdsong. It stirs up feelings of nostalgia and memories of childhood outdoor adventures.

See, when you live in a big city, even one as majestic as Paris, the thing that’s left to be desired is nature. Real nature. Grass. Dirt. Birds. Sure we have glorious parks, but if you were a bird, wouldn’t you fly on over to Provence? (I mean, I would.)

So spring has sprung, and I have been hearing some real birdsong out and about, and thank God — ever since Silent Spring came out in the 60s, I must admit I fear that I’m hearing fewer songs, so I’m grateful for every one.

And, yes, it’s almost mid-April and…. I’m sharing my March Favorites.

I can explain.

You see, Veggie Magnifique recently had to change servers. Long story, and… long process, and so our post schedule got pushed back. But it was for the greater good, and now it’s done and dusted.

Anyway, thanks for your patience, and here we go…

March Favorites


Rice Cube

You never thought the day would come when you could instagram a picture of homemade sushi.  The whole sticky rice sitch… paired with the little bamboo mat thing… riiiight. Well, now you can prove yourself wrong thanks to this rice cube. (Which was, of course, a prezzie from Chloe.) It’s amazing! A 5-year-old could do it! You just stuff whatever you want in the little red box, and then compress the heck out of it, and presto: You have geometric sushi. There’s something mathematical about it that just makes me feel smarter. And square things are always delicious… (chocolate truffles, anyone?)


The Productivity Planner

As an artist, entrepreneur, and general out-of-the-box-er, I have to be my own boss. Hence why this little beauty is my jam. The Productivity Planner (PP), created by the same innovative team that brought you the 5-Minute Journal (which I spoke about here), seeks to maximize your time, tasks, and overall effectiveness. And it does. The structure is of the PP is pure magic because it uses the pomodoro technique, which keeps you motivated, fresh, and… productive. Plus there are quotes, and weekly plannings and reviews. I cannot recommend it enough for those who desire to make positive changes — inside and out.

Bobby McFerrin “Wailers”

I’ve been listening to this one on repeat lately. It makes me feel like I’m in the Sahara, riding on the back of a giraffe as the wind rushes through my hair, and a zeal of zebras gallop alongside.

Yes. Music can do that to you.

Let’s be perfectly clear: Bobby McFerrin is one of my favorite artists of all time, not just of March. The man is a musical visionary, and a vocal harmonic genius. Who do I want to be when I grow up? Bobby McFerrin. (I tried here. I know… it’s not even close. But it was a first try. And there were over 16 tracks. Gratefully, I’ve gotten over 25,000 hits on YouTube to make me feel better about the insane amount of time that went into it.) Anyway, Bobby has a over a million* gems like this one, this one, and, of course, this one. Sit back and marvel.


Pana Cacao Sour Cherry & Vanilla Raw Chocolate Bar

I realize that I’m always talking about chocolate, but … this is a serious thing. Without chocolate my life would be like a night sky without stars. ☆ #fact

Pana Cacao Sour Cherry & Vanilla Raw Chocolate Bar is raw, vegan, handmade, free from refined sugar, and frankly tastes like ganache. There. That’s why we’re talking about it. And you need to know the ingredients, which are: cacao solids 60% min (cacao butter & cacao powder), coconut nectar, coconut oil, sour cherries (14%), carob, vanilla beans (1%), cinnamon, Himalayan crystal salt. C’est tout.


The day I discovered this bar at Retour à la Terre in the 5th, another one of my dreams came true. God bless Australia.

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

Sharon Montrose

I love animals. Obvs.

And I love photography.

So, to me, Sharon Montrose is perhaps one of the finest photographers in the world. Do yourself a favor and check out her glorious website Animal Print Shop, and her full portfolio.  You might find yourself with a baby giraffe on your wall, and your life might improve 86%…

Chloe and I doing something exciting, while George the Baby Giraffe looks on.Chloe and I doing something exciting, while George the Baby Giraffe looks on.

(Remember my Sahara vision? One. step. closer. Right?)

What have you been loving lately? Share your current faves in the comments below. It’ll make my day… especially if they involve giraffes.

Don’t worry, be happy.


* hyperbole, but not by much.

{March Favorites photo by Angela Newton Roy, styled by Michelle Pozon. Model: Moi! 😉 }

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