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pont neuf sunset paris

Turns out the true test of how far you’ve come on your spiritual path and “personal development journey” is how unleashed you become when you find out your work didn’t save.

It’s in moments like these that I humble myself and start googling Vipassana retreats.

Must. find. inner. peace.



Bloody *&%$#!

There will always be things that get your goat — which, for me, is rewriting entire blog posts — and no amount of expletives (or sanskrit) makes you feel any better.

Lessons in Zennitude

I’m no zen-tranquility master, but aside from long term peace-of-mind solutions (i.e. meditation, yoga, and eating kind foods,) I find that diverting one’s attention is the quickest way to get over whatever minor tragedy has caused you to blow a gasket. Evening walks. Making cookies. Two matcha lattes. (Two’s the magic number here. ?)

Because, really, the magnificent sunset over Pont Neuf last night (above) is way more important than any current trivial frustration. It is. And it’s in moments like these that we’re finally able to practice the teachings of the great sage… ElsaLet it go. Let it go. 



May Favorites

Today’s video features, among other things, one of the gorgeous water damage patches growing on my wall. Now, you may be wondering why this particularly unattractive non-favorite continues to feature in our videos. Well, though there are so many things I love about living in France — I could write a book about it (I might) — there are in fact downsides. One of them being French “procedure”… and my insurance company’s extreme aversion to taking action. They prefer to inspect. And reinspect. And then… follow “procedure.”

However, there’s an upside. This experience has lead me to discover a new past time that I never even knew existed: wall vacuuming.

But I digress.

Here’s what you came for:

Are you guys into Feng Shui? What about raw chocolate that tastes like caramel? How does that grab you? Let us know in the comments below! (We love to hear from you.)

Btw, it’s supposed to be in the 90s (32ish celsius) this weekend in Paris, so color me a happy camper.

Om, and shanti,

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2 thoughts on “May Favorites + Lessons in Zennitude

  1. Cecile says:

    Bravo pour votre blog et vos vidéos! Il y a une telle complicité entre vous, c’est beau à voir et le nom “Veggie Magnifique”, quelle belle trouvaille!
    J’ai testé le resto Hope sur vos conseils et me suis régalée avec le bowl 🙂

    1. Ann says:

      Hello Cecile ! Merci beaucoup ! Ca fait vraiment plaisir. Et ouiiiii c’est chouette de faire le blog avec son meilleure amie — on rigole bien et souvent. 🙂 Et nous sommes ravies que le nom te plaise ! On l’a vraiment choisi avec soin (ça nous a pris du temps…) Et super pour HOPE ! C’est trop trop bon. Au plaisir, et merci encore.

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