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May Favorites



It’s been difficult not to be a hermit lately.

What with the massive monsooning going on in Paris at the moment…

And the Seine overflowing and all…

Photo @benisidore on IG.

It’s enough to make you want to do a “sit-in” protest…

…at home.

And just, like…. bake, read, and do Steffy Yoga.

One does what one must during a deluge.

No, no, I haven’t just been staying home. I wish. I’ve got a million and one things to do, so I’ve been scampering about as usual. The proof of said scampering lies in my… hair. See my head in the above photo? That is me on a rainy day. #Frizz

And since I speak Portuguese better than I speak photoshop (and I don’t speak Portuguese) I couldn’t really remove my hair halo. And all the better, I guess. This way you can see what really goes on for wavy-haired girls on rainy days. Fluffy floofs of hair going every which way… a sort of abstract “hair art.” But I’m French now, so I’m striving to accept the whole au natural look.

So now you know everything.

And, here are my May Favorites…


The Bingo Theory

In addition to being a serial entrepreneur, YouTuber, and stylist-come-fashionista, turns out Mimi Ikonn is also quite a philosophical powerhouse. The Bingo Theory: A Revolutionary Guide to Love, Life and Relationships is her first foray into writing (aside from her cookbook which is, sadly, only avail in the US,) and it’s a fascinating ride. The book is chock-full of insight into your subconscious — explaining that we are all made up of both feminine and masculine energies, and that by harmonizing these energies you can become, what Mimi calls, a “bingo.” And that’s when the magic happens. Yin and Yang. Sun and moon. It’s like modern day feng shui for your psyche, and you know I love me some of that.

Of course, there are many reasons to love Mimi, not the least of which: She reads (listens to) a ton of books in the name of personal growth, she’s a savvy business maven dedicated to offering as much value as possible, she’s doesn’t wear leather, and she likes dried fruit. A true soul sister.



Hazelnut Butter

I know this seems a bit prosaic to be featured in my favorites, but hazelnut butter could very well change your life… or at least your breakfast. So many people only do nutella (bad idea, palm oil) or peanut butter (good idea, just not all the time), and they’re just missing out on the other colors of the nut butter rainbow. Hazelnut butter is my go-to these days slathered on Pain des Fleur or pumpernickel bread, and packs a nutritional punch. Say hello to deliciousness, and high levels of potassium, calcium, magnesium, vitamin E (great for hair, skin, and nails) and B vitamins (essential for, like, everything.) Yum.



CashTrails Application

Brian Tracy says, “Feeling listless, make a list.”  Oversimplified? Perhaps. But… it’s amazing what keeping track of things can do for your morale, productivity, and your peace of mind… especially when it comes to your finances. Want to know how much you actually spend every month on almond milk matcha lattés? CashTrails knows. Through an easy system of tabs and categories, CashTrails can tell you almost anything about your spending and income patterns using various reports, and infographs, based, of course, on how much detail you input. Plus! You can backup and/or export your data. (I’m feeling super techie right now. Woooot!) Anyway, the app is user friendly — meaning, if I can use it, so too can you — and it’s a very, very effective way to get a hold on your finances. Remember: you manage what you measure.



Kaycie Chase “Houses”

Kaycie Chase is a spunky and talented Franco-American friend of mine who just wrote and recorded a brilliant pop/folk album called Houses. Houses is an original collection of songs that Kaycie wrote during her international scholastic years spent in Berlin, Paris, and London. Her perky and pitch perfect vocals will kindle your heart, and her musical storytelling will speak to your soul. Here’s one of my favorites.



Moringa-Rrraw “Green Cao”

Of course this wouldn’t be my monthly favorites without some mention of chocolate. This month’s coup de coeur, as we call it in French, is the love child of Rrraw and Moringa&Co — the raw, vegan truffle GreenCao. Since it’s made with Moringa, it’s practically like eating a kale salad… except that it’s chocolate. Genius.

So what’s up for you this weekend? Wading in your wellies in the Seine?

Here’s hoping this finds you enjoying your weekend. Let me know your current faves in the comments below!

{Paris flooding photo by @benisidore}

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