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Life as an expat is rich and wonderful, and living in France for the last thirteen years has broadened my horizons more than I even could have imagined.

I’ve learned how to be autonomous and very resourceful, and of course become adept at navigating a whole new language and surprisingly different culture.

But, since I adore my family in England, the price to pay is very regular travel.

How to Maintain Your Morning Ritual When You Travel

Travel can be a tricky thing when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, even when it’s just a quick hop over the English Channel. I often find that my healthy daily rituals simply fall away when I’m away from home.

But since Ann and I are now the poster girls of the morning ritual, I was committed to making my rituals happen this time around. And it made all the difference – I felt more energised, and also more present with my family.

Sometimes you just need that daily anchor of a ritual to help keep you grounded, and not fall into old, bad habits. It’s a matter of prepping a few small things, getting organised when you hit the ground, and carving out some time in the morning to work through the steps of the ritual. Simple steps, big results!


Video: The Veggie Magnifique Morning Ritual, on Holiday in Cornwall

I hope you enjoy those lovely sunny beach shots – and yes, this was filmed in England. Cornwall when the sun shines just might be the most delightful place on earth!

*Amis francophones – il y a des sous-titres. Il faut cliquer sur CC.* 

I hope these tips help you if you’ve got a trip coming up. Make sure to get your copy of our brand new 10 Days to a Powerful Morning Ritual to take along with you. As you’ll see, it’s full of super practical tools for making the healthy lifestyle a non-negotiable in every situation!


To your zingy and bright mornings,


p.s. Next Wednesday, 19th September, Ann and I are hosting an interactive workshop, all about how to establish that rock-solid morning ritual. All the details are here, plus we’re doing a giveaway for a free spot right here.

p.p.s. More healthy travel tips this-a-way.

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