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This week we pulled out all the stops and created a full video of our presentation at Veggie World Paris! (With a little help from our magnifique friends, David Desgardin and Arnold de Souza.😊)

For our talk, we decided to explore the topic of how to create a morning ritual, since, as you know, that’s our jam at the moment. The Veggie World audience was receptive and even willing to play along with our guided visualisation!

So, I’ll leave you with this 30-min video without further ado, because, well, subtitling this has left me feeling somewhat screen-dizzy. Plus there are plums to be picked and walnuts to be gathered in my garden right now!


Video: Presenting at Veggie World – How to Create a Powerful Morning Ritual

Don’t forget to hit the CC button for English subtitles! This presentation is en français, but we took the time to lovingly translate everything for you, chers lecteurs. ❤️

Video by the marvellous David Desgardin, with help from Arnold de Souza. Thanks, magnifique team!


Has this talk got you thinking about creating your own morning ritual? We are here to hold your hand! Check out our multimedia product, 10 Days to a Powerful Morning Ritual.


To your bright and zingy mornings,

p.s. Want to come and see us give a talk in person? We will be giving a presentation at Veggie World Lille on the 16th December at 3pm, all about how to stay healthy during the holidays. We’d love to see you there!

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