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November Favorites



I have a penchant for planners. Every year come November my little heart beats wildly at the thought of picking out my new companion for the year. Because that’s what it is, really. I mean… I take this thing everywhere. In it I write down all my appointments, thoughts, birthdays, plans, dreams … you name it, it’s there. My little organizational side-kick. Think I’m old-fashioned? Sure. Think I should use my phone calendar? No. Because if your phone runs out of batteries or bugs (as technology always will,) you won’t know what your next appointment is or where that address was or…. then whachoo gonna do?

That’s what I thought.

As I’ve said before, my planner always opens. The pages always turn. Like a book (a real one)… a real hardcopy planner is a timeless and trustworthy companion, always ready for me to draw, write, or plan. Plus I can use colorful pens. 😉


I found my planner for 2016, and I’m in love.




And, of course, I found my holy grail at my absolute favorite stationery store here in Paris, Delfonics. It’s Japanese, of course. I love the Japanese. Just, like, as a whole. I know that’s a bold blanket statement, but how can you disagree when they have brought us Marie Kondo, Muji, and the invention of sushi? (I’m talking about this kind of sushi. NYC, I’ll be visiting très bientôt. Just for the record, I’ll take three Haricat rolls. Arrigato.) Anyway, at Delfonics they have a slew of chic non-leather goods, erasable ink pens, and pee-chees in every color of the rainbow, including polka dot. Which is totally a color in the rainbow… 😉



Harvest Moon Coconut Yogurt

I’ve already made it expressly clear via social media that I adore this coconut yogurt. Now things are about to get serious. This yogurt has changed my life. Creamy, creamy, creamy, and oh-so-dairy-free. See, here’s the thing… before when I used to eat dairy, I was a big fan of Greek yogurt due to its thick, creamy, and luxurious texture. And since forgoing these types of things (why?), I’ve felt like there was a texture missing in my life. Not anymore. *hallelujah chorus*

Now… I know that if you live in the US or the UK, you’re like, dude, we’ve had delish dairy-free yogurts forever. Well, not in France. All we had was soy yogurt. (No thanks.) But, see, all that has changed! (And thanks to a German company, go figure.) Thank you, Harvest Moon, for revolutionizing my mornings. Live in Paris? Go to Le Retour à la Terre in the 5th to get this delectable treat.




This may seem… off topic. But it’s not. Since discovering Trello, Chloe and I have streamlined our to-dos and massively organized our… organization. Basically, it consolidates all your tasks, and eliminates the need to send a million gratuitous emails, like: “You got this? Are you going to email him back or am I?”

Using this awesome drag and drop method (online or on your phone), you can look at the master list of things to do, and then drag into your column what you’re going to do, and then everyone on your team can see what you’re tackling, when you’ve finished, and what’s left to do on different projects. This is also great for larger companies and organizations… gone are the days when what someone is “working” on remains a mystery. It’s all in black and white (or blue or pink) what they’re doing…or not doing. Plus there’s stickers. I should have mentioned that first. You can put cute doggy stickers everywhere… if that isn’t reason alone to check out this free program, I don’t know what is. (See, I don’t totally eschew all technology… I embrace it when need be.)



Living Libations Deep Breathing Diffuser Blend

This is just the first of many times that you guys are going to hear about this company. (Chloe and I are huge fans of Living Libations.) Early this week, after our crazy busy event-filled weekend, I was feeling a bit under the weather, and so I popped this amazing blend of rosemary, eucalyptus, inula, oregano, and lemon myrtle called Deep Breathing, into my diffuser, and let me tell you… soothe city, man. I also just sniff it from the bottle sometimes, like before I go to bed. If you are experiencing any congestion, I highly recommend this product, and every other product that they make for that matter. 



Wherever You Go, There You Are

I know. The title isn’t highly alluring… especially because it makes you wonder if the book is going to be filled with other similarly evident statements. But before you write it off as new age surrender-ology, hear me it out. I love this book. And it’s written by one of our biggest meditation pioneers, Jon Kabat-Zinn, who is solely responsible for bringing mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) into hospitals and schools in the United States. Plus he’s just, overall, a seemingly awesome and awakened guy.

Wherever You Go, There You Are is a great accompaniment to any meditation practice, though I would say, especially, if you’re just starting out. It’s brilliant because it breaks things down without being too over simplified either. Plus, it will inspire you to keep on, which in the beginning, can be really challenging since you may or may not feel any results yet. What I also really appreciate about this book is that it guides you in how to bring mindfulness to everything you do and every situation, whether it be the dishes, hiking, or parenting. This book is perfect for reading in public transportation or anytime you have just a few scant minutes because it’s written in little snippets, so you can pick it up and put it down very easily. (If you want to earn major coolness points, order a used version of the book from Powell’s and support an incredible indy bookstore in Portland, OR.)


So what have you guys been loving recently? Leave a comment below with all your finds, we’d love to hear about ’em!

I hope your Thanksgiving was amazing. (I had veggie curry — ha! — but that’s another story…) And here’s wishing you a lovely December, and much holiday cheer to come. (I’ve already got a little tree up.) 😀

Much love,

{Photo of Ann by Krystal Kenney.}

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