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No one tells you about the perils of minimalism.

Namely, what the heck you’re supposed to do with all that stuff you’re so intent on discarding. Obviously you’re not just going to chuck it in the dumpster of your building, as tempting as that is…. because you’re an eco and conscious person.

But man, you want to.

… because finding “good homes” for all your old crap can prove to be next to impossible.

Let me explain.

(Btw, this post is certainly terrible for SEO, i.e. no mention of October faves in the first paragraph, but this is what’s on my mind, so thanks for indulging me here.) 

Currently Creating Capsule Wardrobes

As you know if you’re following our content, Chloe and I are currently curating our 33-item capsule wardrobes, and this whole process has further cemented my desire for minimalism in my life, e.g. less stuff, more life.

Since most members of my family have severe cases of Sentimentitis and collections that rival Imelda Marcos, I’ve decided to go rogue… and repeat to myself, “I want experiences, not things… I want experiences, not things,” and jettison whatever it is in the donate bag.

But it turns out that it is really hard to get rid of stuff responsibly.

There’s this charity collection box up the street, and I’m a frequent visitor, but what about the stuff that’s really nice? My old vegan handbag? Books?

  • I started a Whatsapp “book swap group” and almost no one’s taking. (Does no one read anymore? *Smacks forehead*)
  • I tried putting old (but nice) clothes on this new French app called Vinted that was a total disappointment. No one buys anything, people just “add it to their favorites.” So my old coat is currently on the “favorites” rack of 17 Frenchies and still hanging in my closet.

Total bollocks. (It’s not cursing if you’re American.) I’m about to throw in the towel, frankly. Good point… where do you “responsibly” dispose of towels?

Do you guys have any ideas? My tiny apartment is filled to the brim with things on their way out… a sort of “stuff purgatory.” There are books blocking the door, give away bags high, low, and in-between… I can barely move.


“First world problem?”

I realize what a “first world problem” this is. This side of two months ago I was in Delhi where I witnessed devastating poverty at every turn. We live in a world of flagrant disparities, a world of poverty, famine… and I’m pleading with you to tell me what to do with my superfluous stuff. It’s a humbling and thought-provoking problem, and the irony isn’t lost on me.

Anyway, here’s what you came for… the things that I still love, and am hanging on to — at least for the foreseeable future.


NEW VIDEO: October Favorites | Vegan + Eco

I realize that many favorites videos out there on the interwebs encourage rampant consumption. This is not one of those videos. This is a video about being a mindful consumer… about purchasing new shoes consciously, ordering from smaller companies when possible, choosing organic, vegan, eco… That’s what this is all about.

Featured in the video: By Blanch Daydream Camel Booties, Diana Ralys Charcoal Microfoliant (make sure to use the code: Veggiemagnifique10 to get 10% off, Veerah shoes (and belt), Biona Date SyrupUmami Organic Matcha Powder.

Are you guys picking up what I’m putting down? Are you looking to curate a more mindful life, home, and wardrobe? Let me know in the comments below.

One thing I’ll tell you…. is that when you start getting rid of all the extraneous, that which remains starts to mean the world to you. When you have fewer — like, one — face creams for example, you appreciate its creamy texture and rosy scent that much more. When you have fewer shoes, you wear each of them more, instead of just always reaching for that one pair because decision fatigue is real. 


To mindful minimalism, and curation,

P.S. Only TWO more spots in our event with Studio citrAyus Zerowaste Wellness Wednesday, Nov. 7th at 7:30pm! Click here to reserve your spot. We’ll be demonstrating how to make your own zero waste deodorant, and Karen will help you decompress with amazing yogic inversions in the AntiGravity® hammocks! Much more fun than watching Netflix on a Wednesday night, trust us.

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