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Ann and Chloe's veggie magnifique party

We love creating a strong sense of community around Veggie Magnifique.

After all, our content and inspiration comes from our everyday lives and experiences, and, especially, from our interactions with our friends and the people we meet through the blog.

Since our readers – that’s you! – are an integral part of the blog, we wanted to find out what you like best, so that we can continue to provide useful content. We also want to be 100% sure that the information we are sharing is handy, easy, and applicable!

Recently we were able to catch a few of our readers on camera – and here’s what they had to say*:

We’re absolutely tickled pink by these testimonials! This video is part of our quest to provide more value to our community, through our VM YouTube channel. We hope that you’ll join in on the fun!

We also cast the net a bit wider, to find out which articles and elements of the blogs our readers love. Here’s what they shared:

celieCelia Anderson, copywriter, Devon, UK: I’m always trying to get my kids to eat more healthily, but they love their biscuits. The healthy thumbprint cookies are great because not only are they super healthy and yummy, but we love making them together (little thumbs make better pools for the ganache!).

rebeccaRebecca James, actress, Paris: What I love about Veggie Magnifique is that Chloe and Ann post recipes that are not only yummy and healthy, but that are also ‘down to earth’ (if that makes sense!) – I don’t need to stress about getting lots of ingredients that I don’t have, and the recipes are really well explained, with options and alternatives. I knew when I dreamt about the strawberry pie that I just had to try making it!

silvieSilvia Lowe, copywriter, Cornwall, UK: I used Veggie Magnifique to lose my baby weight and I’ve been addicted to the blog ever since. I love the recipes and I also love that many of them only call for a few simple ingredients. Thanks Veggie Magnifique for keeping me on track!

pierrePierre Lacombe, entrepreneur, Paris: What I love about Veggie Magnifique is the joy of being a member of a friendly community that is lead by two incredibly generous people, Ann and Chloe. Come to one of their events and you will be won over by their smiles…and their famous cakes!

michelleMichelle Pozon, The Closet Guru, Paris: The site is a superb curation of resources and other sites that a veggie and kindness seeker may not always have the time to find on their own. I love how it’s also an international example of wellness in Paris.

lucieLucie Deglane, violinist, Paris: It’s so difficult to choose my favourite tip on Veggie Magnifique! I read everything. But my favourite things about the site are all the delicious-looking recipes that I love to try at home and the ideas about how to be beautiful au naturel.

sydneeSydnee Miller, set decorating buyer, Los Angeles: Veggie Magnifique is like a comforting, charismatic friend who lovingly encourages me to be my best self. I love reading up on this blog because it feels like a loving, witty angel on my shoulder nudging me toward optimal health and wellness.

And now over to you – what is your favourite recipe or tip from Veggie Magnifique so far? Please let us know in the comments below!

And if there’s ever anything you’d like us to cover on the blog, feel free to send us an email, or join the conversation over on our Facebook page.

We couldn’t be more delighted and touched to be a part of your lives, and we thank you for being a part of ours.

*Thanks Tercelin, Pierre, David, Cole, and Rebecca for being up for speaking to the camera!

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2 thoughts on “Over to You!

  1. Juno Dunn says:

    I love the ideas for main courses. Helps to solve the ‘what’s for dinner’ perpetual question.
    I also enjoy the ‘tone’ of the website – my best friends.

    1. Ann says:

      Thanks, Juno! We love knowing that you’re reading the blog — you are so a part of VM! So glad that you enjoy the “tone” as well! Lots of love to you.

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