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Welcome back to another Magnifique Yoga Break. These short yoga sequences are designed to give you a little break during your busy day to gently move your body and reconnect to the breath.

And this month we have something special for you: partner yoga!

Have you ever tried partner yoga? It was totally new to Ann and me – we had a real blast learning a few of the postures with one of our favourite teachers in the beautiful setting of Yoga Searcher.


Yoga Teacher of the Month: Yun Ng


This month’s practice is lead by Yun Ng. Yun is a passionate and inspiring teacher, originally from Singapore. She teaches vinyasa and yin yoga at Yoga Searcher and Caelo Yoga in Paris. We love practising with Yun; she has a loving, grounded presence and infuses her classes with her innate soulfulness and kindness.

We asked Yun what inspired her to begin her yoga practice, and what continues to inspire her to get on the mat daily. She replied:

“Just like most yogis, my practice started with a very simple intention to get fit. But, ten  years later, I realised it was more about getting to know myself. My mat is a microcosm of my life. I work through s***, I work through pleasure. This divine dance is my inspiration.”


Yun’s Partner Sequence

This 5-posture sequence is a fun activity to do with your best friend. It was easier than I’d expected, too – it certainly doesn’t have to resemble the incredible feats of gymnastics you sometimes see posted on Instagram. Partner yoga is a powerful way to go deeper into your postures, because there is a play of body weight that can gently coax the body further than it’s ever been before. It’s satisfying and fun, and you’ll certainly have some laughs trying to get into place!

Here’s a little word from Yun about the video:

“I hope this video will encourage all yogis to get on the mat, get intimate and connected with friends and loved ones. Connection and love, that’s all we need!”

So, grab your bestie and head to the mat!


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