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Feelin’ a bit groggy, flabby, or brain-foggy?

Ready to get fit as a fiddle for spring?

Time for a lil’ detoxin’ then!

Join us!

Starting this upcoming Monday the 6th, we’ll be rocking green smoothies every morning, rinsing and twisting on the mat, and cleaning ev-ery-thing out for spring. Trust us… seven days of detox can make you feel years younger.

And, to help us and everyone in this endeavor, we teamed up with our friends at Yoga Searcher – Paris to provide you with a Veggie Magnifique Detox Box — on which all our fans, followers, and friends, get a 30% discount! Hooray!

Veggie Magnifique Spring Detox Box

spring detox box veggie magnifique yoga
This health-packed box is designed to accompany you through all seven days of detoxing — giving you all the key components to jumpstart the detox process, and keep you flying high.

Our carefully chosen box of healing treasures includes…

  1. Green Smoothies et Boissons Detox A fantastic green smoothie guide. Try a new one every day!
  2. Primrose’s Kitchen Juice and Smoothie Booster “Cleanse” — to upwatt your greens and l’effet detox.
  3. Made by Me water bottle with inside filter for fruit and other funzies.
  4. Douce Angevine Au Jardin de Jasmine exfoliator — scrub scrub scrub… mmmm.
  5. Umami Matcha Power to add some oomph and delish to your day.
  6. Aduna Superfood Snack Bars for those emergency moments when you need a little snackeroo.
  7. Happy Curienne’s Audacieuse —  natural face cream for the purest pampering.

* If you’re in Paris, remember it’d be more advantageous price-wise to stop by Yoga Searcher for your box than to buy online, due to our snazzy VM reader 30% discount. 🙂
Learn all about it in our latest video!

(Click on the CC in the lower right corner to activate English subtitles.)

We are big fans of Yoga Searcher, by the way.

It is thee one-stop-shop yoga concept store here in Paris. Their welcoming atmosphere, friendly staff, organic products, gorgeous clothing, and daily yoga classes make for a total portal of wellness. Not to mention they also have frequent karma-uplifting events, like The Upanishads.

(Plus check out their awesome rugs!)




Don’t live in Paris? Never fear! You and everyone can join in on the fun as we cleanse out the body comme il faut with the following tips:

? Spring Detox Tips ?

Drink Water

Above all you must hydrate. Any sort of cleaning involves water, doesn’t it? Dishes, laundry… same-same with your bod. Flush those toxins out.

Get Your Greens In

The primary component of our detox — green smoothies! Sip on one e’ry morn. It’ll not only get the detox goin’, but also your digestion, plus contribute to radiant skin, more energy, and… I could go on and on. (In addition to the book we recommended above, we also have some yummy recipes for liquid-y green masterpieces, as well as a smoothie bowl packed with the superfood Moringa, if you’re more into spoons.)


Make Self-Care a Priority

Exfoliation, bubble baths (with all natural products, bien sur,) meditation… all things that soothe your soul are not only beneficial, but necessary when detoxing. Make “you time” a priority, and wave goodbye to toxins and stressssss.


Eat Clean

The more raw and plant-based you can keep your diet during your detox, the better your results. Period. If you need any ideas, try this delicious Citrus Tahini salad. Remember: we want to limit anything “dodgy” from entering our body during a detox because that’s just… logic. We’re trying to get all the dodginess out, so don’t consume any.

Yoga and Exercise

The key here is to sweat and breathe out the toxins. With exercise, above all, listen to your body. Depending on how many toxins your body needs to evacuate, plus your previous relationship with greens, this may be more of an intense period than for others. Especially if you don’t have a history of detoxing and/or greens. We think yoga is perfect, but do as you see fit. (Check out Yoga Searcher’s class schedule here.)


To go and claim your own Veggie Magnifique Detox Box, rendez-vous here:

⭐️ Yoga Searcher – Paris ⭐️
53 Blvd. Beaumarchais
75005 PARIS

So cozy up with a green smoothie, give yourself a double dose of self-care, and here’s to spring-cleeeeanin’ everything out!

P.S. Craving even more cleaning out? Come to our March cooking class at 5 Lorette where we’ll talk and taste all things “detox”!

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