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The 10 Days to a Powerful Morning Ritual Toolkit

How did you start your day this morning?

Serene, inspired, and in control? Or rushed and harried?

Stressed-out mornings are, unfortunately, the norm. We’ve been there too — no fun! And feeling rushed and uninspired in the morning is a sure sign that your schedule is running you when it should be the opposite.

The good news is that you can take back control. You can begin each day in a peak state, filled with positive energy and anticipation for the day to come.

The key? Instil an inspiring, daily morning ritual that supports body, mind and spirit.

A morning ritual is the beautiful secret to nurturing that seed of potential in you that is just waiting to blossom.

Presenting: The 10 Days to a Powerful Morning Ritual Toolkit

We are so proud to share the Veggie Magnifique 10 Days to a Powerful Morning Ritual Toolkit with you! We have poured our hearts and souls into creating this book, workbook, and meditations, the fruit of many years of optimisation of our own morning rituals. We like to think we’ve hit that sweet spot of inspiration without overwhelm.

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What You’ll Get

A 30-page eBook detailing:

  • The big why behind instilling a morning ritual
  • The 7-step Veggie Magnifique morning ritual
  • A deep dive into the neuroscience of habits
  • Lots of inspiration to start creating your morning ritual, as of tomorrow
  • Tailor-made tips for mamas and papas for making parenting + a morning ritual work (Written by a mama!)
  • Our go-to breakfast and power potion recipes

A 7-page printable workbook with:

  • Day-by-day checklists. Enjoy ticking off those rituals as you go!
  • A practical application of the habit-stacking technique
  • The ‘Planning Your Day’ printable that we swear by. Hello, turbo-charged productivity!

3 guided meditation mp3s, recorded by Ann & Chloe, to use every day as part of your ritual:

  • The Perfect Day Visualisation meditation – 5 min.
  • The Affirmations for Vibrant Health and Happiness meditation – 7 min.
  • The Total Relaxation Body Scan meditation – 10 min.

But Wait!

“I barely have the time to get dressed in the morning – how am I going to fit in a whole ritual?”

Don’t worry, we hear you! We’ve honed this ritual down to the absolute essential steps for positively affecting your physiology in the least amount of time, helping you feel so good that you will end up making time for your ritual.

You can tailor the length of your ritual to fit your needs. It can last anything from 20 minutes to an hour – it’s up to you. But know that the more time you devote to it, the better you will feel. This ritual is definitely worth getting out of bed for – we’re willing to be bet that once you try it, you’ll be on team ‘power morning’ like us!

Buy Now - €24.99
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