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The Case for Not Detoxing



Or, the case for not getting duped.

You’ll have noticed that the Internet is awash with New Year miracle detox plans right now.

The detox industry is very sneaky at highjacking our heartfelt motivation for a New Year health kick in order to make a quick buck. It doesn’t have our longterm wellbeing in mind.

A lot of bogus products are placed in our line of vision when we’re at our most susceptible (i.e. feeling a bit delicate post-Christmas), and the sad thing is that, if we do get duped, our motivation for clean-living can very easily turn into cynicism by February because the miracle plan just wasn’t sustainable, or even effective.

Exhibit A: The Teatox


One thing your tummy doesn’t need is overpriced tea laced with laxatives. It may say ‘all natural’ on the box, but daily use of senna as a laxative will dehydrate you and can cause major digestive problems. Invest that teatox money into two weeks’ worth of organic fruit and veg to eat, and you’ll enjoy better results. What’s more, your flat tummy will be sustainable beyond the first few hours of 2016.

The same goes for most of the other detox programmes currently jostling for attention on your newsfeed. Health is a long-term game, and any ‘quick fix’ is a waste of time and money.

Try this groundbreaking health advice on for size instead:

Veggie Magnifique Detox

It really can be that simple.

Give your body the chance to heal itself with real, good food first. How about putting those good intentions to better use by concocting a longer game plan with true health in mind?

Herewith, a few tips for never needing to detox again, that you probably heard from your grandma 20 years ago:


Four Daily Practices for Sustainable Good Health

1. Drink Water

Obvious, I know. But are you drinking enough? (Music break! They’re talking about water too, of course.)

Try starting your day with a litre of water, or, even better, warm water with lemon juice. This will rehydrate you and wake up your digestive system gently. Then sip on filtered or mineral water throughout the day – two litres a day in total is a good amount.

If you’re bored of plain water, try drinking organic, unsweetened herbal tea. Or infuse your water with slices of cucumber, fresh fruit, or herbs. It makes all the difference.

2. Move

Find a way to work your lymphatic system and boost your heart rate daily. Test different exercise methods and find the one that suits you most, the one that you love so much you’ll want to do it every day.

We love this detox class with our favourite online yoga teacher Steffy White:

3. Eat Clean

The best way to get a flat tummy and feel light all the time is to eat mostly fruits and vegetables.

Also, try cutting out animal products and/or processed foods and/or gluten for a week and see how you feel. If you feel lighter and more full of beans think about making some permanent changes to your diet.

And for unprecedented lightness, health and joy, majorly boost your intake of greens.

4. Breathe

Stop reading now, and focus on your breath. Did you naturally start breathing deeply and more slowly? Connecting with your breath will immediately relieve stress. Stress is an overlooked cause of non-optimal food and drink choices. Get into the habit of checking in with your breath a few times during the day for increased peace.


There you have it.

Absolutely unexciting, absolutely not packaged in a pink box, but absolutely effective. Try really doing these four things for a week and see how you feel.


And Most of All…

Ignore any health fads or miracle cures.

The thing about health is that every body is different. Good health depends on getting into the habit of listening out for the messages the body sends all the time.

Why not make your New Year’s resolution to embark on a lovely journey inwards, instead of doing a detox plan? Begin the process of tuning in to your connection to your body, whilst tuning out all that shouty advertising. With this connection established, finding balance on a daily basis will be second nature. And then you’ll never need to detox again!

Hope my grandma advice serves you this New Year and beyond.

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2 thoughts on “The Case for Not Detoxing

  1. Silvia Lowe says:

    Great advice! Nice to see a bit of Mad Dog McRea in there too 🙂 xxx

    1. Chloe says:

      Thanks Silvie! Glad you liked it, and the music break too 🙂 xxx

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