The Truth About Soy | Feminisation, Cancer & Man Boobs

{ Debunking } The Truth About Soy | Feminisation, Cancer & Man Boobs



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We thought it was high time for another thorough debunking on Veggie Magnifique, so today we’re addressing the topic of soy.

The myths surrounding this humble bean are particularly tenacious, and sadly, fear around the purported “detriment” of soy could be a stumbling block to going veggie.  After all, soy products are a nutritious, cheap, and widely available source of protein. And yet, so many people wonder:

Is soy really a nasty perpetrator of breast cancer? Prostate cancer? And heaven forbid… moobs?

In a word, No. 

Gratefully, there’s no need to panic… as we explain in the video, soy is super healthy and actually helps your hormone balance!


In a Nutshell: Phytoestrogens Are Not Human Oestrogens

Soy contains phytoestrogens, called isoflavones. While it sounds like these compounds could flood the body with excess oestrogen, the truth is that phytoestrogens actually work to intelligently balance our hormones, regulating oestrogen, so that there is always just the right amount.

A fine example of the nifty power of plants right there!


Video: The Truth About Soy | Hormone Health & What Really Causes Moobs

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As always, we encourage you to do your own research, to be fully confident about the choices you are making for you and your family. So here are some studies we recommend reading:


Please share this video with your loved ones – let’s put a stop to the widespread misinformation around this health-promoting, nutritious and delicious little bean once and for all!


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