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What is ‘home’ to you?

Is it where you spent your childhood, or is it ‘where the heart is’?

For my partner, it is without a doubt where he spent his childhood. He could never conceive of losing sight of where he grew up; it’s a place that is interwoven into his personality.

I’m certainly attached to my Cambridgeshire roots, but home is Cornwall now.¬†My parents moved there six months ago, and for me, home is wherever my parents are.

I admire their verve, moving to a brand new place in their seventies. And I can certainly see the irresistible draw of beautiful Cornwall. It just might be the most delightful spot in the British Isles. All vast yellow beaches, wild flowers, rocky coastal paths and rarified wildlife, Cornwall is a feast for the senses. And I like to think of myself as part Cornish now – there’s something about the place that just instantly rubs off on you.


Video: Gorgeous Cornwall + Veganising Cornish Treats

Ready for a trip to Cornwall? This is my first Cornish vlog, and what a delightful discovery it was for me and my baby.

I hope you enjoy my misadventures with the pasty! Remember, cooking is all about knowing how to turn errors into new and never-before-heard-of creations.¬†ūüėĀ

The music in this video is by Celtic Whirl + me!¬†The track is ‘The Silkie of Sule Skerrie’, with guitar and keyboard by Gilles Boulay, whistles by Olivier Depaix, fiddle by Emmanuelle Garcia, cajon by Matthieu Delage and vocals and fiddle by me.

Thanks to:

  • My trusty taste-testers, Ann and David.¬†
  • My brother Toby for providing these sumptuous photos of the¬†Cornish coastline, taken whilst casually running a marathon. As you¬†do!¬†

What is home to you? Wherever you lay your hat?¬†ūüėȬ†Let us know in the comments below!


Love and raw vegan Cornish cream tea,

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