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Hip hip hooray for VeggieTown (formerly known as the 9th/10th arrondissement).

Veggie tourists, this is the area of Paris you’ll want to be based in when you come to the City of Lights. There’s something magical afoot – it seems there’s alway a new veggie-friendly hotspot opening in this neighbourhood! There are veggie bowls a gogo, vegan burgers galore, colourful juice bars, and healthy snack opportunities on every street corner. It’s a veritable hive of veggie activity.

One of our favourite VeggieTown picks is PH7, a delightful lunch spot run by a mother-daughter team. Murielle (mother) and Claudia (daughter) create beautiful food that is carefully thought out to both satisfy and pacify the tummy. We recently had lunch there and it left us feeling totally blissed-out and balanced.

Finding Inner Balance Through Food

vegan food lunch paris easy healthy alkalin ph7 A colourful and flavourful PH7 plate

As its name suggests, PH7 focuses on the acid-alkaline balance. Remember those chemistry lessons on the pH scale with its litmus tests and lemons? Well, you’ll remember that a 7 on the pH scale sits right in the middle, meaning it’s neutral. And that’s where we want our bodies to be, for optimum health and wellbeing, since a neutral environment fosters good organ function, digestion and sleep.

But our fast-paced lives can tend to push us into acidic realms. It’s because of the daily buildup of stress, too much sugar and salt, and dehydration, combined with a lack of proper relaxation. An acidic terrain in the body can create digestive upset, poor energy levels, and can even lead to disease in the long term.


Let PH7 Balance You Out and Delight Your Tastebuds

The foods served at PH7 are powerfully alkalising, so they coax the body’s pH balance back to neutral. The bulk of each dish is fresh veggies and slow-cooked grains, with super-tasty dressings and a sprinkling of tummy-healing fermented veg. We were amazed at the range of flavours and textures, and the inventive use of herbs and dressings.

Plus, everything’s organic *and* there’s a wide choice of vegan puddings. Did somebody say ‘café gourmand’? Mmm…

crudities colourful rainbow food flowers ph7 alkalineThe famous PH7 Buddha Bowl

italian vegan food yummy paris ph7PH7’s vegan panna cotta with berry coulis. A delight. 


We asked Claudia a few questions about PH7, because we’re nosy like that!

What gave you the idea to launch PH7 ?

During my studies, I came across some scientific literature about the acid-alkaline balance. So I shared this information with my partner (a bio-chemist) and my mother, who brought me up eating the best kinds of foods. I looked for somewhere to go to be able to eat this way, and couldn’t find it. I wanted to make this approach to health and wellbeing more widely known, so I came to the conclusion that the best thing to do would be to show people how to make up a balanced and satisfying plate according to the pH balance principle, i.e. 30% acidifying and 70% alkalising foods. When I mentioned this to my mother, she immediately said, “If you open a restaurant, I’ll do it with you!”.

What’s more, I love connecting with people and I feel like I’m making a positive impact every day. People leave the restaurant happy, which makes me happy!

veggie vegan PH7 claudia zemor murielle alkaline dietClaudia and Murielle, the dream team behind PH7

You’re a mother-daughter team – that’s cool! But how does the dynamic work?

We complement each other! I didn’t have any pre-conceived ideas about it, and was pleasantly surprised to see how well it worked out. We understand each other. Of course, there’s also deep trust. I couldn’t think of a better person to partner with!

Have you noticed any changes in the mentality of your clients when it comes to food and health?

Absolutely. Clients (who first come to PH7 out of curiosity) keep coming back, because they notice that through experience, they aren’t hungry when they leave – on the contrary, they’re completely satisfied. What’s more, they don’t suffer from the ‘afternoon slump’ at 4pm, they don’t get bloated, and they’re full up until 8pm.


Practical Info for Alkaline Delights at PH7

21, rue Le Peletier
75009, Paris
Tel: 09 83 87 95 95

Opening hours:
Mon-Sat, from 9am to 4pm


PH7 is open from 9am, so you can get your day off to a great start with a yummy and pH neutral breakfast. And if you come for lunch, rest assured you won’t get chased out of the door while you’re still sipping on your ginger tea, since PH7 stays open until 4pm. So you can draw out your lunch and enjoy the colourful decor and relaxed ambiance long after the lunch crowd has melted away (we did!).

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